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Chester French – C’ Mon (On My Own)


This tune Is Just Awesome. Thanks To Modi.

Chester French – Love The Future (2009) (February)
Confirmed Tracklist:
- The Jimmy Choo’s
- Beneath The Veil
- Pleasure Squad
- Neal
- Not Over You
- She Loves Everybody
- People
- The Sister Song
- C’ Mon (On My Own)
- Fall Back feat. Idle Warship
- My Party
- Out At The Compound
- Over The Moon
- Time
- Bebe Buel


  1. Mika! :)
    I saw a pretty recent magazine cover (or maybe a picture from inside the magazine) of Pharrell wearing the Thriller inspired jacket he’s worn a couple of times. (he did some kind of weird “egyptian” pose on the picuture, lol)
    Do you know where I can peep this picture?
    I’m sure it’s floating around the web somewhere since I saw it online.

  2. yeh i remember that, its on the bbc blog but i forgot when that was exactly

  3. I googled around like a maniac and finally found it, the only problem was that it wasn’t from a magazine
    as I thought it was, lol:

    Tack ändå för hjälpen! :)
    Det är inte ofta folk orkar svara på sina bloggar, jag läser din blogg i stort sett varje dag!

  4. oh tack jag visste inte at du ar svensk :D

  5. Hehe, vi snackade för några år sedan på Mirc.
    Tror jag kallade mig för Hammer eller något sådant på Mirc, jag bor också i GBG.

  6. ha this has been in heavy rotation on mu ipod for a couple months.

  7. Yo Yall can thank me for this, I gave it to Modi!

  8. Yo Peep this Chad Hugo’s in this Adidas Commercial

  9. I think it’s important to remember that these chester french songs that have leaked are all unmixed (with the exception of the EP), so therefore if you download then remember to buy that shit because it’ll be different on the album!

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