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Destiny’s Child – Nuclear (The Neptunes) (13′)


2013 is off to a good star for The Neptunes. Pharrell has produced and co-written Destiny’s Child’s comeback single “Nuclear”.

Destiny’s Child – Nuclear (P.Williams) (13′)

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Sony will be issuing a new Destiny’s Child compilation on January 29 called Destiny’s Child – Love Songs, and the important thing you need to be aware of is this: the set will contain a new song — yes, new Destiny’s Child music — called “Nuclear” which the girls worked on with producer Pharrell Williams.

“Nuclear” is being touted as the first new Destiny’s Child track since 2004, and was co-written by Pharrell,Michelle Williams, James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal, who is billed with vocal co-production along with Beyonce.


Everyone has noted the tracks 90′s House feel, with the breakbeat and rave synths. But it sounds like Pharrell has been listening to Rokysopp if you ask us… check it out

Royksopp – Remind Me

YouTube Preview Image

Also, if you’re thinking the Destiny’s Child song sounds familiar for other reasons – That’s because Pharrell recycled the chords from Nicole Scherzinger’s unreleased track “I M.I.S.S. You” from her shelved 2007 album “Her Name Is Nicole”

Nicole Scherzinger – I M.I.S.S. You feat. Pharrell (’07)

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  1. It’s clear pharrell used a sample , great discover, it’s not the best production i hear, look like a up-tempo from 90/00′s

  2. good job aaron!
    mika who? hahaha


  4. Found an old song from case on youtube, it’s called Shoulda known betta and it says it’s been produced by the Neptunes on wikipedia. It sounds like it’s off the neptunes kitchen but can anyone confirm it?

  5. Leave a link here Kevin and i’ll let you know

  6. Thanks nerd0016 for doing a better job than this site

  7. KevinMorow said :
    January 18, 2013 at 12:37

    There u go

    that song just interpolates neptunes song WHAT IT IS by busta rhynes

  8. oh yeah u right mika, now i can hear it, cheers buddy! That could mean that pharrell recycled busta’s beat to make that one tho.

  9. @Mika n @KevinMorow
    ummm kinda more reminds me of LL Cool J – Amazin’

  10. u know what, i was just listening to it and was thinkin the same thing pal !

  11. Busta’s What Is Is has the same beat as Mario’s unreleased song called ‘Call Me Baby’

  12. Yeah all of these songs have the same beat as busta because they all sampled it. They aren’t neptunes

  13. The FORUM doesnt work again!! Cant login :/

  14. Is the forum coming back???

  15. Yeah, Mari is working on it, we’ll get a new version

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