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Kid Icarus – The Neptunes Mix


It’s been a busy week for Kid Icarus . Just a few days ago we posted his Forms album, which released earlier this year featuring collaborations with Chad Hugo. Now this week we’re presenting you with his latest work…

Icarus has been busy brewing up an hour long mix comprising of nothing but songs by The Neptunes, this mix comes in at nearly an hour long, and remember Icarus is Fam-Lays official DJ so this is as close to an official Neptunes Mix as you’re going to find. Check it out below…

Kid Icarus Neptunes Mix

And if you liked that then be sure to check out more of Kid Icarus‘s work on his bandcamp page.



  1. Kid Icarus 1 hour long mix needs to be sold in stores !!!! Or atleast be the music for the Neptunes website, Another ill track bro

  2. I can’t believe how many “likes” this post has got in the space of 30 mins… crazy

    Good mix

  3. Amazing mix.

    This is a new one that just got posted today on Souther Hospitality, it’s a really great vinyl only Star Trak mix:

  4. selection of songs decent! the actual mix and scratching not impressed…

  5. Good think I’m not a scratch DJ

  6. That is a dopeass mix Kid Icarus, keep up informed when you’re gonna put new mixes up!

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