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Mika Needs Our Help


Mika’s PC blew up and he needs our help. The very same PC that hosted the treasure trove of goodies he’s dropped for us over the years. He’s done a lot for The Neptunes fanbase and never asked for a dime in return, of course no one is obligated to help, but you would be awesome as hell if you do. So here is a donation widget guys, lets get this mofo back online and use this opportunity to show our appreciation for all of the years he’s hooked us up with goodies.



  1. how much does he need?

  2. Well about $400 would be fine.

  3. Sup Mika,

    I donated what I could. Thanks for everything. I hope you get enough to get what you need. I’ve been copping Neptunes stuff with ya since 2002 on mIRC. You also introduced me to Boxden in 2004 (my name is obnoxious2m). Take care fam!

  4. Thank you very much DJLeVerT, I appreciate it very much, means a lot to me.

  5. Done.. !! Of course
    A lil’ but I hope it’ll be a part of the success to get back what you lost

    Thanks for all


  6. Thank you very much Mandrakke !

  7. How do I access the forum?

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