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Pharrell & The Yessirs – Out Of My Mind (Real Mastered) (2007)


Questlove x Pharrell
Finally!. Y’all might remember this from a few years back when Pharrell, ?uestlove & James Poyser got together to rework P’s solo album ‘In My Mind‘. The project was never officially released but there have been numerous versions floating around, different tracklists, bitrates, etc. Towards the tail end of 2009 ?uestlove finally let loose of the official mastered version including a ‘Pharrell & The Yessirs’ ‘FrontinVersion and an Outro added by me since there were 19 tunes I decided to leak the Outro to have a complete set of 20 tunes Mastered and ofcourse we finally have a better version of The Yessirs’ ‘Creamsickle’ Version. By the way, thats my photoshop !


Pharrell & The Yessirs - Out Of My Mind (2007)
Pharrell & The Yessirs – Out Of My Mind (2007)
01 – Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani
02 – How Does It Feel
03 – Raspy Shit
04 – Best Friend feat. Tasha
05 – You Can Do It Too feat. Jamie Cullum
06 – Keep It Player feat. Slim Thug
07 – That Girl feat. Snoop Dogg & Charlie Wilson
08 – Angel
09 – Young Girl feat. Jay-Z
10 – I Really Like You Girl
11 – Take It Off
12 – Stay With Me (Dim The Lights) feat. Pusha T.
13 – Baby feat. Nelly
14 – Our Father
15 – Number One feat. Kanye West
16 – Show You How To Hustle feat. Lauren
17 – Mamacita feat. Daddy Yankee
18 – Frontin’ feat. Jay-Z (Bonus)
19 – Creamsickle (Bonus)
20 – Rell It’s A Wonder (Outro) (Bonus)

Total Size: 162,86MB


  1. Thanks Mika,
    The songs might be mastered, but they’re either not mixed or really bad mixed though…

  2. how they are REAL MASTERED if them are not mixed? ‘Keep it Playa’ is HELL low comparying to ‘That Girl’

  3. LMAO @ I Really Like YOu girl outro hahahaha, Mika, admit it, you did that!

  4. why is it a .rar file??? it needs to be a zip file in order for it to play on my mac :(

  5. @Rafito:
    U might be right, I wasn’t even able to listen to the entire project, sounds too horrible to me… I think they’re just badly balanced rough mixes.

  6. TY a ton for posting, it was very informative and helped tons.. Interesting article. Were did you got all the information from Amazing Agreeable.

  7. can anyone post a fresh link for this?

  8. thank mika .. also, i was lookin up on wikipedia and i saw that theres a song called i need love off of in my mind, can you clarify this ??

  9. also, rell it’s a wonder isn’t on this new file

  10. yeah enzo, its from the studio sessions

    Pharrell – In My Mind (Studio Session)
    - Baby feat. Beyoncé
    - Just Dance
    - I Need Love
    - Creamsickle feat. Pusha T.

    ITS A WONDER isnt really from that session, neither is related to Pharrell, its just Questlove with Rell

  11. those sound sick… would you happen to have them ???

  12. Nah, I ain’t got them, and damn, that link is still active !

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