N*E*R*D Appeared in this months edition of fashion magazine Glamour as promotion for their upcoming album, titled “N3RD“. Pharrell, Chad & Shae Posed alongside supermodel Bar Rafaeli. They spoke on their personal style and Pharrell promoted the new season of BBC/Ice Cream clothing.

You can check out scans here and a sneak peak behind the scenes.
N*3*R*D Project (TBA/2008)

– Loser

– Everyone Nose

– Laser Gun Carrying

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee SimpsonA recent review of Ashlee Simpsons new album mentions the song “Boys” produced by Chad Hugo & Also featuring Brent Paschke (spymob) on guitar & Kenna writing.

“The sassy “Boys” imagines the Cardigans’ “Lovefool” atop a Chic rhythm “.

The article also talks about the process of making the album “Simpson put in a fair share of 14-hour days in the studio; often she’d leave at night and return the next morning to find that Hugo had crafted a song based on conversations from the previous day. “Everybody really had their hands in this album,” she says.”

I never thought i’d say this, but i can’t wait for Ashlee’s album to drop… look out for it in stores March 2008.


Justin Timberlake

Neptunes & JustinNow that Justin has gone into production he’s done an interview with Keyboard Magazine where he talks about his production techniques & also about songs where he likes the production. The Neptunes get a brief mention

JT: On Macy Gray’s latest album, I put a Rhodes through Line 6 Amp Farm on the Pro Tools system. I came up with a bass line, and started pounding on the Rhodes like I was playing bass. A great use of distorted wah Rhodes is “Freetime” by Kenna, who’s opening tonight. Chad Hugo of the Neptunes produced it. You can check the full article here, i was surprised by how much JT actually knows.


Which Single?

Pharrell & Snoop DoggSnoop Dogg‘s new single “Sensual Seduction” is starting to build up the hype for his new album Ego Trippin but now Snoop doesn’t know which single to use to follow it up… Neptunes or Neptunes?

He has a couple of choices. One of them is “Sets Up,” one of two Neptunes-produced tracks he’s thinking about putting out as singles. “Sets up, just throwing your neighborhood up. Everybody like to throw their sets up. Then I did one that’s called ‘Feet Don’t Fail Me Now’ with me, Pharrell, Nelly and Charlie Wilson. “It’s about leaving your girl, not leaving your girl,” he elaborated recently about “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now.” “You should never leave your girl. It’s a good party record, but it has some real meaning to it.”