Cee-Lo had a studio session with The Neptunes for his third studio album The Lady Killer that released last year. The track that they’ve worked on is called Bridges according to BMI but it didn’t make the final tracklist of the album, instead it went on his third single It’s OK as a B-Side record that released on November 2010. The track sounds like a leftover of Stevie Wonder’s 1973’s Innervision and its very influenced by the 70’s era with Pharrell on the vocals. This are The Neptunes I’m talking about, hands down one of the best productions The Neptunes did last year, I’m freaking lovin’ this, make sure to get it on iTunes now! Thanks to Eclectic_E for the find.

Cee Lo – It’s OK (EP) (2010)
01 – It’s OK
02 – It’s OK (Paul Epworth Version)
03 – It’s OK (Michael Gray Remix)
04 – Bridges (The Neptunes)
05 – Radioactive (BBC Live Version)


Cee-Lo – Bridges (The Neptunes)