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Chad Hugo’s occasional production partner and friend of, Kid Icarus, has released his own album with rapper Intalek. In case you don’t know who Icarus is, here’s a quick rundown – Kid Icarus is a DJ/Producer out of VA (though he is currently residing in LA), Whilst in Virginia he began interning with Teddy Riley which in turn led to Icarus going on to work with The Neptunes and the guys at the Star Trak Camp.

Most recently Kid Icarus was featured in the video for Fam-Lay’s “Beach Cruiser” (Did i mention that he’s Fam-Lay’s official DJ?) and he also produced an upcoming single for Camp-Lo With Chad Hugo, as well as a ton of other projects that you’ll hear about soon. The Synesthesia album features Nickelus F and Fam-Lay, so be sure to check it out.

Intalek & Kid Icarus – Loser feat. Fam-Lay (12′)

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Intalek & Kid Icarus – Synesthesia (2012)

  1. Synesthesia feat. Kid Icarus
  2. Hammertime
  3. House Of Emerald feat. B. Jarod
  4. Skyline (The Great Escape)
  5. Typical Love Song
  6. Anthem feat. Kid Icarus
  7. Destiny
  8. Cold World feat. Jesse Taylor
  9. Psycho feat. Nickelus F
  10. Blue Canvas
  11. Loser feat. Fam-Lay
  12. Alright Now feat. Harley Is Majik
  13. YEAAAAAHHH feat. Kid Icarus
  14. Legendary

You can stream and purchase the full album Here.
And you can catch the instrumental version Here.
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