Limited Edition Moog Phatty with presets by Chad Hugo. While most of you may be familiar with Chad Hugo as one half of super producers The Neptunes and member of the group N*E*R*D, others of you may be familiar with his current DJ duo called Missile Command which includes Daniel Biltmore. What you may not know yet about Chad Hugo is that he was asked by Moog to make sounds for their new all white re-issued Slim Phatty analog synthesizers.

Hugo pulls influences from his youth in Virginia Beach to his professional work in the studio to craft the original presets included on the new white Slim Phatty. The names of the synth sounds range from collaborators like Daniel Biltmore and Kevin Lamb to streets and bars in the Virginia Beach area. Some of the names are pure fun and nostalgic like Hamburglar and Game Over while others recall personal memories for Hugo like Puttu Grind and 3 Hour Lunch. While Hugo went through a number of presets, for this video we tried to include a selection of the most unique sounds as well as Hugo’s unique and quite endearing sense of humor. If you need more sounds to whet your appetite visit the Moog website.