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The Evolution of The Neptunes

Our top dynamic duo are instantly recognisable from everything that they have done in recent years but they’ve been through many changes in their history. We can easily see the ripple effect that they’ve had on music but their own story is equally as interesting.

They started out way back in the early 90’s before Pharrell was really a household name. Back then, producers like Adrian Sherwood and Quincy Jones were dominating the music scene. A variety of things have changed since the 90’s and technology has made things much more achievable than ever before. Even new casino games that listed in this directory are a lot different from old ones, which this duo are reputed to be big fans of. Technology inspired music can be found all over the internet, from casino sites to the likes of Porter Robinson and this is a huge part of what makes The Neptunes so appealing.


Their big break really came with the production of the Superthug single by N.O.R.E, which established the group on the scene. Prior to this they had worked on a number of production projects under the name, but none had garnered quite so much media attention. At this point, Pharrell was already the more recognisable of the two, as he had made guest spots like Rump Shaker.

The first artist that they produced a whole album with was, of course, Kelis. She worked with them on the Kaleidoscope album which would go on to gain a gold record in the UK. At this point, they were forced to work increasingly hard on maintaining their unique style in a sea of producers that wanted to copy them. They were doing well commercially with their partnership with Jay-Z but it was time to take it to the next level.


In 2001 they were selected to produce the Britney Spears single I’m A Slave 4 U, which reached number 1 in various countries. This was their first time making it to number 1 and as their fame grew they began to feature on more and more tracks. With their work on Nelly’s Hot in Herre they scored another number 1 hit and the awards for their work with other artists started flowing in.

The 00’s are really where we see The Neptunes change their reputation from solely working on hip hop tracks to becoming the producers of pop. Their singles like Milkshake and Hollaback Girl would become their bread and butter, all with their distinctive production sound.

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Even the mention of these songs will cast your mind back to their catchy nature, which is what brought The Neptunes to the fore. Since then it’s been hit after hit for the team and their sound is now more refined and exciting than ever.

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N*E*R*D – Fête de l’Humanité 2008 UPDATE

N*E*R*D – “Everyone nose” à la fête de l’humanité

N*E*R*D – “Spaz” à la fête de l’humanité


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