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April 2008

N¤E¤R¤D Bringing The Beats

shae.jpg“It was time for us to get back in the studio and create,” said Shay Haley, “We were all doing our homework before creating this album, just collecting dope records from the past, expanding and thinking up innovative, creative ideas to approach the industry.” The live translation of the new songs was a main consideration in making the record. “The actual inspiration for this album was what we wanted it to be like onstage,” said Pharrell Williams, the producer-turned-singer and group status symbol.

“We wanted there to be a lot of energy, because our following is pretty cool: It’s like this underground, niche, cult kind of … open-minded, super-intelligent, seeking-energy individuals that are happy to be who they are, don’t care about what the next person is doing – universalist type of people.”N¤E¤R¤D draws listeners from across the musical genre spectrum. “It’s people of all walks of life, and what they all share in common is that they want to jump around and they want to get lost for an hour,” Williams said.

pharrell1.jpg“When they leave, it’s like the show was too short. It would feel too short because they’d had so much fun.” The group’s excitement toward the new album comes hot through the telephone. “I mean, come on,” Williams said. “If something as far-fetched as seeing the concept of synesthesia … getting to express that and be dead serious about it and have people listen to us. That’s such a gift in itself, you know? So, when you hear us sound the way we do, man, it’s because we love it, we love it.”

Williams described synesthesia as “an experience that almost everybody has when they’re in the shower, when the water blocks out everything and your mind is free to wander.” The feeling extended into an album concept that pairs live kinetics with vision-inducing effects. Tonight, thousands of students will see the results of this experiment as N¤E¤R¤D plays songs both new and old, back-to-back with performances by Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and Kanye West at the Frank Erwin Center. The hugely popular “Glow In The Dark Tour” just rounded the two-week mark after many months of planning.

kanye.jpgKanye and I talked about it like a year ago, about going on tour together,” Williams said. “We’re so excited just to perform for our fans and become re-acclimated with everybody. We even did a pre-promo tour before this one just so that we could be back with the people who made us.” Williams emphasized the importance of connecting with the fans in small cities usually neglected by big tours. “Those are the kids that really, really care, and those are the kids that really work hard for everything they have, and so they therefore appreciate everything that they have, including experiences,” he said. “For us, that is the very DNA of N¤E¤R¤D, so for us this is so important – to go there first,” The band will also spend quality time together on the road, a rarity in their typically hectic schedules.

chad.jpg“We are on this tour, traveling in one spaceship on eight wheels,” said Chad Hugo, the reserved man behind the keys and synth, turning mock-serious to playful. “It’s gonna be delightful!” Recent side projects of the producers Williams and Hugo include work with Common, Madonna, Solange and Busta Rhymes, to name a few. “Yeah, you know we get super crazy,” Williams said, laughing. “There’s a lot of nice things coming out, and they all sound very different.” Freshness is essential for innovators like N¤E¤R¤D “Musically, for sure, you never want to repeat yourself,” Williams said. “We wouldn’t be caught dead in the same place, no way.” And as for the next evolution, Williams declined to comment, saying “that remains to be seen – we can’t let it all out.”

nerd.jpgBefore parting, superstar Williams offered one last token of experience to college students everywhere. “I just hope and pray that you’ve signed up for something that you love to do versus something that’s going to make you rich, because you can have a billion dollars and die and have a miserable life,” he said. “And you can be a poor person and do what you love to do everyday and die, and you’ll be the happiest person in the world.” Williams stopped and sighed, momentarily overwhelmed by fame and fortune.  “A good life is accounted for in a measure of happiness. It’s not how much money you have,” he said. “So when you’re fortunate to make good money by doing what it is that you love to do. That’s a great life.”

Chester French Gives Props Again

chester-french.jpgOhh Chester Chester, we would like to thank again Chester French for giving us a shout-out on their Myspace Site (Blog). We really appreciate the Love you guys giving us. Thanks and we hope to continue to hear more great music in the future.

From Their Blog
Hello everyone;

This post is long overdue. A bunch of people have been saying really nice things about us and we thought we’d give them (and their blogs) a shout. So here goes… First and foremost we’ve got to thank the people at They never, ever case to show the love and update their readers on C French news. Make sure to check out the site ASAP.

Re-Up Gang – The Saga Continues

re-up-gang-the-saga-continues.jpgThe Re-Up Gang released a “Best Of We Got It 4 Cheap” Mixtape through Suave House Records with some interesting tracks on it such as some Non-DJ tracks from We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1 and a Proper version of the Clipse Neptunes track “Stuntin’ Y’all” which only released on WGI4C Vol. 1 and on a VLS in 2005. There is a (Studio Version) of WGI4C Vol. 2 but not of WGI4C Vol. 1, so the Proper means it’s (Non-DJ) cuz the tracks haven’t been available without the DJ til now.

Re-Up Gang – The Saga Continues (2008)

01 – Re-Up (Intro) (WGI4C Vol. 2)
02 – Coast 2 Coast (WGIt4C Vol. 1) (Proper)
03 – Whats Up feat. Pharrell (WGI4C Vol. 2)
04 – Play Ur Part feat. Pharrell (We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2)
05 – Ultimate Flow (We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 2)
06 – Stay From Around Me (WGIt4C Vol. 1) (Proper)
07 – Roll With Da Winners (WGI4C Vol. 2)
08 – Pussy feat. Pharrell (Remix) (Neptunes)
09 – The Sermon (WGIt4C Vol. 1) (Proper)
10 – Stuntin’ Y’all feat. Pharrell (Proper) (Neptunes)
11 – Niggas Know (WGIt4C Vol. 1) (Proper)
12 – Cross The Border (WGIt4C Vol. 1) (Proper)
13 – Re-Up Anthem (We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 1)

Hard Candy Covers & Credits


1. Candy Shop
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

2. 4 Minutes
Written by Madonna, Timbaland, Danja, JT
Produced by Timbaland, Danja, JT

3. Give It 2 Me
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

4. Heartbeat
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

5. Miles Away
Written by Madonna, Timbaland, Danja, JT
Produced by Timbaland, Danja, JT
Additional keyboards by Hannon Lane

6. She’s Not Me
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna
Guitar By Wendy Melvoin

7. Incredible
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

8. Beat Goes On
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

9. Dance 2Night
Written by Madonna, Hannon Lane, Timbaland, JT
Produced by Timbaland, JT
Co-produced by Hannon Lane
Guitars by Dan Warner, Darrell Pearson
Bass by Darrell Pearson
Keyboards by Hannon Lane

10. Spanish Lesson
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

11. Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You
Written by Madonna, Timbaland, Danja, JT, J. Henry
Produced by Timbaland, Danja, JT
Keyboards by Danja
Additional keyboards By Hannon Lane

12. Voices
Written by Madonna, Timbaland, Danja, JT, Hannon Lane
Produced by Timbaland, Danja, JT
Co-produced by Hannon Lane
Additional keyboards by Hannon Lane

iTunes Bonus Tracks:

13. Ring My Bell
Written by Madonna, Pharrell Williams
Produced by The Neptunes
Co-produced by Madonna

14. 4 Minutes (Peter Saves New York Mix)
Remix by Peter Rauhofer

15. 4 Minutes (Junkie XL Mix)
Remix by Junkie XL

16. Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Mix)
Remix by Paul Oakenfold

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Robin Thicke’s Mobile Advert “Magic”

Robin Thicke’s Mobile Advert “Magic”
YouTube Preview Image

* to release first single magic with samsung electronics

Teyana Tayor At The Nelson ‘N Benny Show

Teyana Tayor At The Nelson ‘N Benny Show
YouTube Preview Image

John Legend Going Mainstream

legend.jpgLegend’s new album is said to be more mainstream and radio friendly than his previous outing, 2006’s “Once Again,” and his 2004 debut, “Get Lifted.” This time around, the Grammy-winner has replaced his usual live instruments with 808 drums and futuristic synthesizers. “The last record was mellower,” says Legend. “The production this time is a little more up-tempo and more pop sounding than the last one.”

Legend is putting the finishing touches on his first single, “Green Light,” featuring Outkast’s Andre 3000, and expects to shoot the video in May. “It’s Over” featuring Kanye West and produced by Pharrell Williams may be the second single but Legend isn’t sure.

John Legend – Untitled (Due September)
Confirmed Tracks
– Green Light feat. Andre 3000
– Satisfaction
– Everybody Knows
– No Other Love
– Cross The Line
– This Time
– Good Morning
– Aim High
– It’s Over feat. Kanye West (Neptunes)

Solange – I Decided (Video Shoot)

Solange – I Decided (Video Shoot)
YouTube Preview Image

Tiny Teyana Is Livin’ Large

m_2f483d360b6f596dc3746989171a369f.jpg“When in doubt, wear Jordans,” says 17-year-old Teyana Taylor, pointing down to her tiny feet. Genius out of the mouth of babes. You may not know who she is, but just “Google Me,” the title of her popular Internet single. The good life is coming – Taylor recently moved out of Harlem and into a Trump property in Westchester – but Pharrell Williams’ pretty protégé prides herself on keeping it real. “I wear a lot of Hell’s Belles, Diesel and a lot of Billionaire Boys Club,” says Taylor,. “Jeans, Jordans and a hat. It really don’t matter about the brand as long as they fit cute.”

Taylor is equal parts skater girl and Harlem princess with a twist of tomboy: Taverniti jeans, American Apparel hoodie, Cavalli necklace under a $5 boombox chain from and Jordans (duh). She says her style is influenced by the streets of Harlem. “If someone know they look fly, they’ll catwalk down the street because the street of Harlem is like a runway,” she says. Taylor’s album *

Teyana Taylor – From A Planet Called Harlem (2008) (June 17th)
Producers & Guests: Hit Boy, The Neptunes, Jazze Pha, Bangladesh, Mad Scientist, Kelis, Frost, Shondre…
Confirmed Tracks
– Color Me Pink
– Young Girl
– Translation
– Traffic Stop
– Google Me (Jazze Pha)
– Complicated
– Switch It Up (Neptunes)
– Good Enough
– Naah Mean
– Rock Star (Jazze Pha)

Kenna Tour Dates (USA & Canada)

Here are Kenna’s USA & CANADA Tour Dates


Kenna – Out Of Control !!!

Kenna‘s latest single “Out Of Control” produced by Chad Hugo is officially released in the UK today!!!

So everyone in the UK go out and buy it, buy it twice if you have to. Show Kenna some love and give him the support he deserves. Over here in the UK he would be able to make it in the top 10 with only a few thousand sales… so let’s make it happen. people in the US and europe show some love too and order the single online.

Click here to order the CD

Click Here to Buy the Vinyl

Both include the B-side “Down” produced by The Neptunes. and the Vinyl includes Remixes by Spank Rock & Chad Hugo

Out Of Control Gets 4 Stars !

Kenna – Out Of Control (State of Emotion)

More on: Kenna

Label: Star Trak
Release Date: 28/04/08

With a beat that sounds like a direct port from an N.E.R.D album and a lorry load of crisp effects, it’s safe to say The Neptunes‘ production of ‘Out Of Control’ has left its mark on the single. Kenna should be thanking his lucky stars though, because it sounds absolutely brilliant.

Flowing through the angst-packed lyrics with finesse and a snarl or two, sadly held back by the pop sensibilities of the song, the Ethiopian-born American still adds plenty of soul to the heady mix of throbbing beats and post-rock guitars. What quickly becomes noticeable (or rather, not noticeable) is the silky smooth manner in which fragments of electronica, synth pop and a peppering of rock blend together impeccably throughout the song.

Kenna and The Neptunes have created Southern Comfort, rather than the Deep South ASDA own brand that represents the outcome for many an artist wanting to ‘diversify’ their sound. The different genres represented here are blended expertly into a seamless cocktail that avoids the curious aftertaste often left by the poorly-mixed supermarket equivalent.

It may be a bold statement to make at this early point, but if Kenna continues rocking polished gems like this, Pharrell Williams may have found someone worthy of carrying on his moniker for the next generation.

Graham Drummond 

Hard Candy Allhiphop Review

madonna7.jpgHer Madgesty is closer to the Madonna we met in the ‘80s than she has been in years, because Hard Candy drops the art-house intentions of her recent work and gets her back to the roots. Pharrell in particular seems to understand her intimately, and it’s on his tracks that Madonna really feels like The Material Girl again. The (relatively) mid-tempo “Heartbeat” and “She’s Not Me” accentuate Madonna’s strengths without overextending her range or smothering her with pretentious tracks that steal the show from her vocals.

esquire-4.jpgDespite clocking in at over six minutes, “Incredible” manages to stay interesting by switching tones and remaining fluid, and though “Spanish Lesson” leans more towards Pharrell than Madonna, the core of the song still properly retains her attitude. Surprising as it may sound, Tim and Justin hold up their end of the bargain in a general sense but… something is missing. Timberlake is undeniably gifted but still seems unable to write a song for another artist that doesn’t sound like he originally wrote it for himself.

justin-timberlake-and-timbaland1.jpgWhile this may be good enough for a Rihanna, “Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You” loses the Madonna element and therefore seems a little less special than it should. “4 Minutes” has a similar problem. Timbaland doesn’t stretch far enough beyond his usual tactics, making it feel less like a real collaboration and more like some song that Tim and Justin brought to the studio and told her to sing. It can be said, however, that it’s one of her best overall works (especially of the last decade or so) and for a woman with a career older than a lot of her fans, that’s a high compliment. Simply put, Madonna has done it again.

Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Paul Oakenfold Edit)

Fam-Lay – War Music

fam-lay-dirtyway1.jpgThere is a new Fam-Lay track from his upcoming Mixtape “Fam-Lay Presents… The Dirtyway” on his Myspace Site, check it out. Apparently the “War Music” track was before on Shae’s Myspace Site (without the rap part though) and it seems like Shae’s music on his Myspace influenced Fam-Lay for his new Mixtape
Fam-Lay Presents… The Dirtyway“.

More Pics Of The Bapesta L.A. Opening

Robin, Pharrell, Nigo, Benji & Pete
thicke-pharrell-nigo.jpg            benji-pete-pharrell-thicke.jpg

Lupe Fiasco Talking About Chester French

Check This Video Out Lupe Talking about Chester French
YouTube Preview Image

The Legacy Of The Super Producer

ema-2003-10.jpgFor the past several years, our Billboard charts and radio airwaves have been riddled with a set of distinctive sounds: those of producers, rather than singers. The number of singers who have become household names has waned, while the number of producers with that honor seems to have exponentially grown. But why? When did it become commonplace for the men behind the music to overshadow the artists that sing in front of it?

neptunes-arcade-shoot-3.jpgAs a brief forage into musical history will show, the idea of the omnipresent producer, or what is oft-referred to as the “super producer,” is not a novel concept. The turn of the century introduced the music world to a producing pair of high school buddies from Virginia Beach, Va. named The Neptunes. Their incredible catalogue of production credits includes work with Madonna, The Hives, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey. Their futuristic, dynamic sound earned them many accolades, wealth and opportunities.

paper-magazine-18.jpgBut something drastic occurred between the reign of The Neptunes and the rise of super producers in the last several years. In the past, these men were musicians first and producers second, trained both formally and environmentally in harmony, composition and cadence. Because of their musical prowess, these men were highly acclaimed and significantly paid to employ their creativity in constructing music tailored to each artist. Now, artists and record companies seem to entirely tailor to the producer.

Pharrell AllHipHop Interview (April)

pharrell-hq-shoot-5.jpgPharrell is constantly finding new ways to raise his game. One of those ways is Seeing Sounds, the new N¤E¤R¤D album that drops in June. It’s been nearly four years since the Rock/Hip-Hop/Funk trio consisting of The Neptunes (Pharell & Chad Hugo) and Shay Haley last released an album. Seeing Sounds promises to deliver a new, experimental sound that has influences ranging from everything from the Discovery Channel to European electronic music. Currently touring with Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco and Rihanna on the eagerly anticipated Glow In The Dark Tour. AllHipHop sat down with Pharrell the day after the tour’s first show in Seattle to see what else he is up to.

Sunday Night Sound Session With N¤E¤R¤D On Q 93

Check Out This 15 Minutes Interview With N¤E¤R¤D Thanks To Neosoul

Sunday Night Sound Session With N¤E¤R¤D On Q 93

Bape Store Opening In L.A.

bape-store-opening-in-la-1.jpgLast night (April 23rd) was the West Coast grand opening of his Bape Store on Melrose, which brought out the likes of Kanye West, Jermaine Dupri and Pete Wentz—as well as Nicole Richie, Joel Madden, Joel Silver, N¤E¤R¤D, Nigo, Fam-Lay, Mike Tyson, Serena Williams, Jonah Hill, Takashi Murakami, Omarion, etc.

bape-store-opening-in-la-3.jpgNamed after Nigo’s “Bathing Ape” line, BAPE sells T-shirts, cargo pants, button-down shirts, sneakers and sandals with Nigo’s iconic cartoon ape and monkey logos.

Bape Store Opening In L.A. 1 (Video)
Bape Store Opening In L.A. 2 (Video)

N¤E¤R¤D Gets It’s Revenge

glow-in-the-dark-tour-3.jpgPharrell Williams is so in-demand as a producer that every time he tours with N¤E¤R¤D his most consistently weird project, he probably costs himself money. But in the days before the release of his latest gun-for-hire superstar collaboration, Madonna’s Hard Candy, he’s on the road again, for reasons that make perfect sense to him.

“I can’t even explain how surreal it feels — and it’s such a pleasure, man — to see this army of kids who know you and love what it is you represent,” he says. “And they understand what you go through; they understand that you’re not perfect. You make music for them because they’re not perfect, but we agree on just having a good time and getting lost in music. There’s no better feeling than that.”


Busta Has 2 Neptunes On “I’m Blessed” (2008) (July 1st)

light-your-ass-on-fire-6-pharrell-busta-rhymes.jpgBusta Rhymes will release his eight studio album in mid year and has set the title to be “I’m Blessed”. The CD will be released in stores on July 1st with “Don’t Touch Me (Throw Da Water on ‘Em)” produced by LV & The Hitmen as the lead single and “We Made It”produced by Cool & Dre featuring Linkin Park.

Busta whose real name is Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr., has said that he returned working with his past collaborators The Neptunes which he did 2 tracks with them called “G-Stro” & “Kill Dem feat. ToshTosh (a newly sign flipmode artist). “Kill Dem” is like a throw to jamaica and “G-Stro” is clearly a club anthem. Other Producers who are contributed on the album are Cool & Dre (4 Tracks), Focus & Dr. Dre (1), Mr. Porter (1), DJ Scratch (2 Tracks), Rick Ross (1) Focus (Without Dr. Dre) (1) Nottz (1) Timbo/Danja (1) Green Lantern (1) & LV & The Hitmen (1).
Thanks To UviZZLe

Busta Rhymes – I’m Blessed (2008) (July 1st)
07 – G-Stro (Neptunes)
10 – Kill Dem feat. Tosh (Neptunes)

– Back On My Bullshit (Neptunes)

Q-Tip And Pharrell

city-of-god-4-pharrell-q-tip.jpg2008- Grammy award-winning, hip-hop pioneer Q-Tip hits the road in July on the Rock The Bells tour in support of his highly-anticipated new album “The Renaissance” out this summer via Universal Motown. The legendary MC takes to the stage with his live band and EMPD’s DJ Scratch to perform his latest material and dip into his previous solo release- 1999’s Amplified-which spawned the hits “Vivrant Thing” and “Breathe & Stop.”

city-of-god-5-pharrell-q-tip.jpgThe demand for The Renaissance continues to escalate. Last July, Q-Tip offered audiences a taste of the album with “WorkItOut”- a quintessential hip-hop jam currently available on iTunes. He went on to perform new tracks such as “Fever” and “Official” while on the road. Special guests Norah Jones, Pharrell and D’ Angelo have been added to the mix and ensure that The Renaissance is the summer’s must-have album. Senator Barack Obama can also be heard on the album as Q-Tip, an avid supporter of the presidential candidate, samples one of his speeches.

Q-Tip – The Renaissance (2008) (July)
– Untitled

“I Decided” Video Being Shoot

sol.jpgTalented singer,songwriter, artist, and entrepreneur, Solange Knowles AKA SoL-AngeL, is ready to set the world on fire with a sound that is sure to breathe life into a sometimes stagnant music scene. With her sophomore set, SoL-AngeL and The Hadley Street Dreams, on her new label home of Geffen Records through Music World Entertainment, Solange takes us through a walk in yesteryear with an uber modern twist. “Sol-Angel & The Hadley Street Dreams” is due for release on August 26th.

For the remainder of the album Sol-Angel went on to work with Pharrell for the finger-snapping, feel-good first single “I Decided,” *Check The Audio Player*. The video for “I Decided,” directed by the creative Melina, will offer the viewer a glimpse of who Solange, the visionary, really is: It is the ultimate pop art piece. Its psychedelic, it’s adventurous, it’s colourful and not so colorful, it’s intelligent, and it’s the inner makings of Solange. “I love pop art; in fact I am a painter myself and have several pieces under my belt that I haven’t put on display but soon plan to.” The “I Decided” video deals with pop culture from the 60s to the future. It displays Sol-Angel in settings from American Bandstand, to the Civil Rights Movement, to New Wave, and finally a “Cosmic Journey” future.

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