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Jay-Z – Excuse Me Miss feat. Pharrell (B The Architect Remix) (‘20) (Audio)


Deadmau5 Talks Working With The Neptunes On ‘Pomegranate’


Zane Lowe sat down with Deadmau5 to talk about his recent single and the collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo as The Neptunes. In the Interview, Deadmau5 revealed that the track already exited several years back, it was only when Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 and Pharrell Williams met up in the studio that the idea properly came to fruition. Describing the collaboration as a “real” joy, Lowe asked the Canadian producer and DJ on how the track started to take shape and the inspiration behind it.


“The track without Pharrell singing on it has actually been kicking around for 5 years just kinda sitting in my burner pile of ideas. I caught wind of them getting the band back together last year and Pharrell had a listen to that old demo then we met up in the studio in Miami. When we were in Miami… My end, like I said, was more or less conceptualised and printed out and roughed in. There was really nothing I could do except for to sit in the back and crack jokes… and just watch them do their thing.

Pharrell’s a busy guy. He literally walks into the studio, walks behind the mic, played the track and then just starts humming out word vomit. He got halfway through with no writing. […] So, the collaboration, I think really happens between everyone in the sense that they already know how to do their own thing and they do it. You do you, I’ll do me. I’ve already done me. Then, Chad will do Chad, and then that is the collaboration.”


Pharrell Williams x Cheryl Dunn Photoshoot (2013)



Deadmau5 Releases New Single With The Neptunes Called ‘Pomegranate’ (2020) (Video)


Longtime friend Deadmau5 has been in the studio with The Neptunes for his new single titled ‘Pomegranate’. He previously released last December the Instrumental of the tune called ‘Talkback’, you can check out both versions below and make sure to get it on iTunes!

Bryce Vine – Baby Girl (Chad Hugo, Sir Nolan, Simon Says) (20′) (Audio)


Bryce Vine drops Chad Hugo and Sir Nolan produced track Baby Girl. Bryce Vine has dropped new track Baby Girl, produced by Grammy winner Chad Hugo alongside Bryce Vine’s long-term collaborator Sir Nolan and Simon Says. Bryce elaborates, “I was in Miami at a club, which is rare for me, and I realized I didn’t have a ‘club song’.


Something that people can just put on when they want to have a good time. Not everything needs to be super deep, sometimes it’s about having fun for fun’s sake, and that’s what Baby Girl is. It’s about a girl who doesn’t need the party lifestyle, but right now that’s what she wants.” The video is directed by Malia James, watch it below and get the tune HERE!


Ant Clemons Releases Single With Pharrell Called ‘Aladdin’ (2020) (Video)


Ant Clemons has finally released his debut album titled ‘Happy 2 Be Here’ featuring Timbaland, Ty Dolla $ign among others including a Pharrell collaboration on the track ‘Aladdin’ produced by The Stereotypes, check out the Official Video below and get the project Here!

The Neptunes Have Their Own Twitter & Instagram


Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams have their own Instagram and Twitter account as The Neptunes. It’s sparked speculation that something is coming but we’ll shall see!



Run The Jewels Have The Neptunes On New Album ‘RJT4’ Due June 5


One of the most acclaimed hip-hop duos of the past decade, Run The Jewels have announced that they’ll be releasing their highly anticipated fourth album this June. Killer Mike and El-P have once again pulled all the stops for the upcoming RTJ4, which arrives on Friday June 5 via Jewel Runners / RBC Records / BMG, which promises to be ‘their most ferocious and furious effort to date’.


As to be expected on anything released by Run The Jewels, RTJ4 features a crazy guest list that boasts Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha, QOTSA’s Josh Homme, Mavis Staples, Pharrell Williams, DJ Premier, 2 Chainz and Greg Nice. The album was recorded between New York’s iconic Electric Lady Studios and Rick Rubin’s Shangri-La Studios, with Killer Mike and El-P spending two years intensively writing, producing and recording together for the new release. The Neptunes are featured on the tune ‘Just‘ featuring Pharrell and Zack De La Rocha.



PEACECAMP Releases New Project ‘Twice As Hard’ (2020) (Audio)


Some musicians have the faculty of inventing the, rhythmic, melodic way of The Neptunes sound that they used to do and they’re all famous for, actually to transmit the ‘FRISSON’ also known as musical chills, a psychophysiological response to auditory or visual stimuli that often induces a pleasurable or otherwise positively-valenced affective state and transient paresthesia. The transmission to stay in that direction happens once maybe, twice a year nowadays which most of The Neptunes fans are familiar with but this new project brought me back to that feeling.


Tenny and Dana are back as PEACECAMP with ‘Twice As Hard’. Their last project was four years ago with ‘Everything Will Be OK’, now they’re back with their new project with SEVEN new tracks filled with Bridges, Skits, Intro’s, Breakdowns and Outros entirely produced by Tenny. Dana and Tenny sound as though they’ve allowed themselves the freedom to do whatever they want in the studio which is innovative, moving music. They continue to funnel the group’s boisterous blend of the vintage Neptunes Sound and influences into compellingly glittery noise for Hip Hop, R&B and Pop.


Even more newsworthy, the duo’s songwriting has only gotten catchier with the magnificent vocals by Dana and the back and forth with Tenny is pure joy. Production wise, the whole project is a journey for every Neptunes Fan out there, from the perfectly balanced Intro on ‘Only When It’s Over’ to the amazing drum programming on ‘Blow Me’, the Jazzy tune ‘Hide’, to the flawless breakdown on ‘Dead’ which is my favourite part, and I’m pretty sure you will get back to that one very often, to the melodic synths on ‘Mr. Please’. Do yourself a favor and PRESS PLAY below!


PEACECAMP – Twice As Hard (2020)
01 – Only When It’s Over
02 – Blow Me
03 – Hide
04 – Dead
05 – Commando
06 – Mr. Please
07 – Zero Below


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