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Kaytranada Talks Working With Pharrell (February 26) (2020)

Photo by Matt Martin. You close out BUBBA with “Midsection” featuring Pharrell. As a producer who grew up in the early ’00s, it must have been a dream of yours to work with him.
Of course. Of course. Just doing that interview [on Pharrell’s Beats 1 Radio show OTHERtone] and hearing him say, “Oh yeah, man I’m gonna be on your album,” that was the first time he told me that. Everyone probably caught me on tape tearing up behind my glasses.

Did he reach out to you or did you have to reach out to him?
I had to reach out to him. We made a beat and he’s like, “Yo, put me in the studio!” and he was singing all this stuff. And you know Pharrell—he’s a chameleon. He’s put himself in everybody’s world. And he kind of put himself in my world. So I just played the beat for “Midsection” with the kick and all that. When the beat drops, you hear the kick coming up with the claps and stuff. But he just liked the sample loop that’s going on in the beginning. Dude was just vibing. He was just going crazy and he was coming up with ideas so fast. It was amazing, man! Just like seeing him for real—PHAR-RELL—doing his thing, you know? It’s like, oh shit! He’s very quick. I wish I could be quick like him, ‘cause that’s how successful sessions happen. Me, I’m so not quick. I always take my sweet time.



Pharrell At Talks Soul Food Brunch At Swan (February 26, 2020)

Pharrell hosted a soul food brunch Saturday (Feb. 22) along with his dad Pharaoh, a self-taught chef, known for his sweet and spicy Nono Sauce, as part of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Growing up, family meals were the heart of the Williams home, a place to “hear what’s exciting at your parent’s job.” “Cooking is a reflection of your parents, the energy, the love. Food is a connector and it’s a meeting place,” Pharrell told The Associated Press during an interview before the brunch. Back home, Pharaoh Williams was always in the kitchen and so were his grandmothers. Favorite dishes included his dad’s chicken and pork and fried catfish with a special sauce that Pharrell says was more savory than spicy.

“His seasoning was what was always so distinctive with my dad’s cooking and both my grandmothers cooked like that,” he said. At Saturday’s sold-out $150 per ticket brunch at the upscale Swan restaurant in Miami’s design district, they served platters of cornmeal-crusted catfish with chow chow, juicy BBQ chicken and ribs, cheddar grits and French toast with candied oranges and amaretto whipped cream. Back in the kitchen, a team of chefs hustled to carry out Pharaoh Williams’ menu, pulling mini sweet potato biscuits out of the oven and crusting copious plates of catfish. Fellow Grammy winner DJ Khaled, and former Breaking Bad co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul were among the guests savoring the food on a tropical jungle style patio.



Pharrell & Family At The Williams Family Kitchen Soul Food Brunch At Swan (February 22, 2020)

Pharrell With His Dad Pharaoh
Pictures By WorldRedEye.




Pharrell With DJ Khaled


The Neptunes In The Studio With Missy Elliott (February 20) (2020) (Video)

Christian Rich Releases Short Film & Soundtrack ‘Everything Looks Bigger Closer’ (2020)

Kehinde Hassan and Taiwo Hassan also known as creative duo Christian Rich release their latest Short Film with accompanying Soundtrack, “Everything Looks Bigger Closer” in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, Beats By Dre and Eddy.TV. The short is directed by Swedish director Axel Byrfors.

Everything Looks Bigger Closer (2020)

Jadakiss & Pusha T – Huntin’ Season (20′) (Audio)

Jadakiss released a new single titled ‘Huntin’ Season’ featuring Pusha T produced by SHROOM, S.Dot, Khardier Da God and Buda & Grandz, check it out below!

The Neptunes In The Studio With Ozuna (February 19) (2020)



Pharrell Joins Rock Hall Of Fame Foundation Board (2020)

Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation in New York today announced five new members who have joined their Board of Directors: Michele Anthony (Executive Vice President Universal Music Group); Jody Gerson (Chairman & CEO Universal Music Publishing); Pam Kaufman (President ViacomCBS Consumer Products); Jon Platt (Chairman & CEO SONY/ATV Music Publishing); and artist/producer/entrepreneur Pharrell Williams. “We’re both fortunate and honored to welcome these creative leaders in music and entertainment to our Board,” said RRHOF Board Chairman John Sykes. “Each brings to our Board deep experience and extensive knowledge of music that will help us continue to grow the Foundation as a true cultural institution.”

According to the announcement, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation’s Board of Directors “support the Foundation’s mission to engage, teach and inspire through the power of rock and roll, recognizing the indelible role rock and roll music plays in modern life and culture.” Each year, the Foundation selects the inductees into the Hall of Fame. In partnership with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum in Cleveland, its goal is to connect rock and roll fans with the music and artists they love and preserve and protect historical artifacts and records. Each year the foundation hosts its Induction Ceremony recognizing both performers and non-performers who have had the greatest influence on rock and roll music and culture. This year’s ceremony is Saturday, May 2 and will be broadcast live on HBO.


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