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Pharrell At The Arthur & Polly Mays Conservatory Of The Arts In Goulds, Florida (2019)






75450449-193946068316806-6892137097297525587-nA pop-up store will be open from November 27th (Wednesday) to December 25th (Wednesday) in the “Style Up” space on the 6th floor of the Isetan Shinjuku Men’s Building In Shinjuku, Japan. Limited capsule collections with “STAR TRAK” and “HUMAN MADE®” will be available as well as pre-release of original sneakers and container boxes.






Beck Shares New Pharrell Collaboration ‘Everlasting Nothing’, Talks Working With Pharrell In New Interview (November 15) (2019) (Audio)

Beck has shared another collaboration with Pharrell on track titled ‘Everlasting Nothing’ that will be on his next album ‘Hyperspace’ which arrives on November 22nd. In the meanwhile Beck sat down with The Sun to talk about the working process on the new album with Pharrell Williams. In what was meant to be a “year off” for Beck Hansen, he began to mess around with some songs he had started with Pharrell Williams. During downtime after an intense period of touring, Beck began to play around with ideas and sounds the two had come up with years earlier. Before he knew it, seven of Hyperspace’s 11 tracks with ­Pharrell were finished and Beck had made his 14th album — and one of his most collaborative.

“I thought maybe I’d come up with a single and release it next year, Then things accelerated. Within two months we pretty much had the whole thing together. And here I am.” Hyperspace is a minimalist album named after a video game Beck played as a youngster. He says: “It deals with anxiety and fears as well as the beauty and opportunities this age of ­technology brings us. I hadn’t really been making records for myself for years. So making this with Pharrell was something I needed to do. We’ve known each other for a long time. Then we ran into each other in elevators in hallways, at an awards show, and started hanging out.



Maxine Ashley Reveals Having ‘Blazed’ Before Ariana Grande

Since she signed to i am OTHER in 2011, Maxine Ashley had multiple Sessions with Pharrell and not to say with The Neptunes and barely some of the tracks released or leaked like ‘Guerilla’ from 2014 and how many times did we miss the potential of an artist that has signed to Pharrell’s label just struggling to get a release out and I don’t even talk about a proper album (don’t get me started with STAR TRAK ENTERTAINMENT), but I wish Maxine had the privilege to release an album through i am OTHER, it would have been amazing just judging of the snippets that released all these years and few days ago Maxine went to IG Live where she revealed having Ariana Grande’s ‘Blazed’ way before her. That got me thinking about how many other bangers Maxine had but have been recycled for a different artist because she couldn’t release it, nonetheless, Maxine’s version of ‘Blazed’ is pretty much the same, exept it’s Maxine on the track, check it out below.


Pharrell Williams Releases Richard Mille Collaboration ‘RM 52-05 Tourbillon’ (2019) (Video)

Photos by A. Tamargo. Mankind has looked at Space from the Earth for time immemorial. But with the RM 52-05 Tourbillon Pharrell Williams, the Earth is observed from Mars, a viewpoint expressing one of Pharrell Williams’ dreams. One almost fulfilled in this new model, interpreted by the Creative Development team at Richard Mille: an engraver, an enameller and a painter who, working together, have brought into being an extraordinary piece of contemporary, unconventional watchmaking.

Pharrell, the man from another planet. Maybe the word that best sums up Pharrell Williams is ‘universal’ —in in every sense of the term. A deep link to the cosmos is something he felt very early on. No surprise, then, that Pharrell grew up a major fan of Star Trek, as anyone will know who has seen him use a Vulcan salute when conveying the name of his label, Star Trak. He has never made any secret of his fascination for the cosmos, or of the deep sense of spirituality he derives from it, of the wholeness at the centre of things.

“Creating is about shifting the perspective from which we look at things, That’s really the only difference, and with the RM 52-05, we’ve looked at Mars from a different angle, an unexpected first-person point of view. In every aspect of my work, I always look for something different, something new, working with Richard Mille provided an opportunity to go where no one else has ever gone before. Mars, for instance.” Williams said



Pharrell Williams Visits Virginia Beach City Council Meeting

D9-B718-C2-49-EC-4239-8792-D69-DA3613993Pharrell was the first speaker of Tuesday’s public hearing on Atlantic Park, a $300 million public/private mixed-use project that will include a surf park, an entertainment venue, shops, restaurants and apartments along three blocks at the Oceanfront. It’s not every day that a superstar walks into Virginia Beach’s City Council meeting. But on Tuesday night, music icon Pharrell Williams showed up. Only he wasn’t there to perform one of his hit songs. He was there to talk up a development project he’s promoting.

“I’m a native. I love our city, I love our state, and I love our region,” said Pharrell, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, shorts and sneakers. “I think we’ve illustrated that when you think about what we’ve been able to do with the (Something in the Water) festival. We have ambitions.” But the megastar behind the successful debut festival last April who is backing a major development for the old Dome site started out visibly uncomfortable at the podium, at one point putting his hand over his face. Read the whole story HERE!

Pharrell Williams At Astroworld Fest In Houston, TX (November 9) 2019



Pharrell Williams x Ben Trivett Photodhoot (2019)


Pusha T Releases Two New Collaborations (November 15) (2019) (Audio)

Push has been real busy once again having two features this week, one on ‘DJ Shadow’s new album ‘Our Pathetic Age’ on the tune ‘Been Use Ta’ and on YBN Cordae’sNightmares Are Real’ where Pusha talks about the early days he’s been working with The Neptunes, check out both tunes below.

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