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July 2008

Britney Gets The Neptunes On Next Album

Britney Spears is heading for a major comeback and will be the on top of her game next year – claims the man who is writing songs for her new album.

Taio Cruz, the British producer, songwriter and chart star, thinks that the pop wreck’s last album, Blackout, failedbritney-spears-rolling-stone.jpg because she was forced into recording it during a turbulent time in her life.

But her next album will put her back in the spotlight. Speaking to Glasgow Sunday Mail, Cruz said: “I have been writing and producing tracks for the new Britney record but as always with her, I’m not allowed to talk about the sound.

“Her career is riding on this record so I need to sit down and talk to her to make sure she is ready.

“The songs will be good – she has Kanye, Pharrell, Timbaland and me doing tracks for her.

“It is more a matter of whether she is mentally and physically ready for this. On the last album, Blackout, she was tired and people were forcing her to put another album out.

“If she is ready it will be huge – she just came with Blackout too early.”

Nas & Kelis To Record Album Together?

nas-and-kelis.jpgNas and Kelis have been together for quite some time. During this time, the couple has gone into a studio to record their fair share of tracks. Those songs were served up to mixed reviews but they have shared some commercial success with Kelis’Blindfold Me.” Now, the duo is planning something else. This time, the two may be collaborating on an entire album together.”Me and my wife was thinking about doing this record together,” he recently told MTV. This follows last week’s report that he had aspirations of doing two albums soon, one entire produced by Dr. Dre and another one entirely produced by DJ Premier.

The Clipse & Invite You To Remix The Re-Up

Step 1. Join This Group
Step 2. Download The Acapellas Here
Step 3. Go Nuts. Remix The Re-Up.
Step 4. Upload Your Remix To This Page
Step 5. Win Fits From The Clipse New Clothing Line Play Cloths.

All-American Rejects – Dance Inside (Neptunes Remix) (07′)

all-american-rejects.jpgAll-American Rejects have announced plans to release their second DVD, this time documenting their recent 2006 tour. The disc will include a full live performance as well a behind-the-scenes documentary. It is due out July 10, 2007. To coincide with the release, the Rejects have teamed with Pepsi for an extensive promotional initiative. pharrell-williams.jpgThe band designed 500 million Pepsi cans that will hit U.S. stores July 1, while Pharrell Williams has remixed the Rejects track “Dance Inside” as part of the ad campaign. It never made the cut.

All-American Rejects – Dance Inside (Album Version) (05′)


The Nightmare With N¤E¤R¤D

downtown-13.jpgThe one thing that the likes of P Diddy, Kanye, Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams had in common in their early days, was their drive to be bigger than their block, their barbershop and their local charts. They also know how to be hood when in the hood– but accessible when in the boardroom. Feeling good about the positive influence of hip-hop culture, MTV Base recently caught up with the triple threat that is N¤E¤R¤D to rejoice. Now I’m about to speak the truth so if you’re an irate record label rep or an overcontrolling artist manager look away now… I really like most things that Pharrell and co. stand for. But one thing I’m not down with is the angst that media go through when the N¤E¤R¤D trio (Pharrell, Chad and Shay) come to town.

dsc041241.jpgPharrell knows this. I once discussed it with him in Paris and he seemed genuinely surprised. I thought things would change but nothing has. Maybe he’s still unaware so here I am, shining some light on it again. When Pharrell sweeps into town on a solo trip, he is a pleasure to work with. However, if he is promoting anything N¤E¤R¤D -related, it’s hell for all press. Prior to the interview, we will get the usual record label emails instructing us to stay away from questions about Pharrell’s solo projects and only ask about N¤E¤R¤D music and direct questions equally to all three band members. But when we do this, they are all sullen, aloof and cold, and they made our presenter Reg Yates’ interview quite tough. Whilst they might all be tired and hate press, we are there to help them sell their music, so to make our lives unpleasant isn’t the best idea.

nerd2_jpg-thumb.jpgTo all wear dark sunglasses and be unenthusiastic during an interview is just bad manners and I know Pharrell isn’t usually bad mannered from working with him. N¤E¤R¤D need to accept that Pharrell is positioned as the lead singer and so will naturally attract Bono-style attention. Furthermore, when all questions are directed at the whole, band but only Pharrell (mostly) answers, it’s a bigger joke! This is why artists and their teams need to get their positions quite clear. We are here to help you but you need to help us. Alternatively, do as Prince does: if you hate press or are tired, don’t do any. It’s easier all round. But alas, we got a few good quotes we can use and here are some of those gems of wisdom for you N¤E¤R¤D fans. A few tracks on the new album, Seeing Sounds have a Drum’n’Bass edge to them. But Pharrell insists he wasn’t influenced by the genre. “Yeah, it’s dope music, but when I was a kid, I was annoyed by it,” he revealed. “I was from America– hadn’t been to London yet. But I had friends who were totally into it.

nerd-12.jpgI didn’t get any of that s*it but Chad did. He used to make music for the underground clubs– some really grimy, drum electro, electronic s*it.” “I was like, ‘that s*it is weird’, they looked weird, and we were already weird as they come, coz we were like super Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul fans at the time. But what I remembered of it became dope to me, years and years and years later. But I was 20 years late!” He continued: “But then your whole scene is incredible. Coldplay is killing it and I love Amy Winehouse. People can say whatever they want about her; talk about how she looks, about some of her issues. But musically, no-one wants to go on with her and battle it out, coz her album is flawless.” We then spoke about the new NERD track Spaz that has fans really excited. Pharrell said: “It’s an energetic song. The live shows are all about energy. It’s like taking a Redbull shot to you’re a** cheek. You know when you get a shot, like a flu shot.” On that note– with a feeling of ‘got some good quotes, but what a rigmarole– we escaped as fast as possible.

N¤E¤R¤D – Everyone Nose (Seven Nations Army Anthem)

Live @ MySpace Secret Shows
YouTube Preview Image

N¤E¤R¤D – Lapdance feat. Common

Live @ Melkweg July 09th 2008
YouTube Preview Image

Chester French – She Loves Everybody (Live)

Live From Solange Knowles’ 22 Birthday Party
YouTube Preview Image

“My Drive Thru” Behind The Scenes

YouTube Preview Image

N¤E¤R¤D Deezer Interview

YouTube Preview Image

Fam-Lay Works On New Mixtape

famlay1.jpgFam-Lay is working on his next mixtape, Dirty Music. The first track we’ve heard is called “War Music.” (Check out his myspace site)” ‘War Music’ is actually a sample from a song called ‘Fever’ that’s on the ‘Last King Of Scotland’ [soundtrack],” Fam said. “My man Shay [Haley] from N¤E¤R¤D used to play it all the time, and me and him would just be vibing off it. The beat is so crazy. fam-lay-dirtyway.jpgI was like, ‘I’mma off of that joint,’ and I did a freestyle on it called ‘War Music,’ which is coming out on my mixtape Dirty Music. [The tape] is a collection of afro-funk, afro-beats. It was something funny to do. I’m doing the whole mixtape like that.”

Clipse Eyeing Kanye for Next LP

01clipse460.jpgThe Clipse’s Re-Up Gang LP is done. August 5 is the release date. Nobody’s sitting on their hands, though. Pusha T says he and brother Malice are working with a gang of producers on their third duo LP. Kanye West is a name the brothers have their eyes on. Of course, Pharrell Williams has already been in the lab with the group. “We’re recording the Clipse album right now,” Pusha told us last week in New York on the set of N¤E¤R¤D’s “Everybody Nose” Remix video. Kanye and Lupe Fiasco were also present. “[We’re] working on ‘Till The Casket Drops, the third album. That drops this winter.

clipse1.jpg“For everybody who don’t know, we’re putting out The Clipse Presents: The Re-Up Gang through Koch [Records]. That’s the Re-Up Gang album, of course,” Pusha added. “You’ll love it, enjoy it. First single off there is ‘Fast Life.’ ‘Fast Life’ is just a celebration of the high life. A congratulations to all those who are still making it and living life to the fullest in this hard world that we’re living in.” His older brother, the lyrical menace Malice, simply described the record as “summertime fun with Scott Storch.” Scotty produced the song.

N¤E¤R¤D Allhiphop Interview (July)

dsc04231.jpgSkateboard P is running behind on his interviews. Posted up in New York’s Four Seasons hotel, the ProducerMC/Singer/Fashion Icon is promoting his latest venture with Converse – one that according to him is strictly creative. The recent genius of Pharrell Williams is one that has manifested itself in everything from N¤E¤R¤D and dsc04124.jpgThe Glow In The Dark Tour to his collabs with Madonna, Common, and the completely hushed Child Rebel Soldier (CRS) project. When Pharrell does emerge in the hotel room, he is clad in a buttoned down cardigan with a red baseball cap and shades – like an upgraded member of Boyz II Men. Pha-Real is appropriately sporting some studded Chuck Taylors and his diamond-encrusted wrist displays one of his G-Shock originals with his signature dude Milo displayed on the back. But Pharrell isn’t style over substance in the least.

dsc02590-sxsw.jpgSure, he kicks back on the hotel sofa and waxes philosophical on everything from eating messy foods with a knife (caramel apples, corn on the cob, and ribs) to ducking any questions about his project with ‘Ye and them. The night before Pharrell finished filming the “Everyone Nose” Remix video and now after a long press day looks a bit tired. However, he is moved with energy when speaking about the fans, his army. That is one of the many aspects of Pharrell that separates him from other veterans in the Hip-Hop game. He’s 100% devoted to making music for the people. His animation and his smile when he dsc04423.jpgspeaks about his live shows let you know that no matter how many watches, sneakers, or fancy hotels with candy apples cross his path, his loyalty remains with his “army.” As for the rest, well, that’s interesting…

Robin To perform Magic On Jay Leno

thicke.jpgDon’t Miss Robin Thicke’s Magic performance on Jay Leno Show on Thursday July 31st.

Clipse On Ross

rawws.jpgWith all the recent news about Rick Ross used to be a prison guard, MTV News asked a few MCs if this created a rift between Ross and his fans that can’t be patched up? “I think real n—as won’t think so,” the Clipse’s Malice said when asked if this episode will hurt Ross’ credibility. “That don’t mean what he’s talking about [in his rhymes] ain’t true. The thing I wish is he came clean, if in fact that is him [in the photos]. 135846__clipse_l.jpg‘Cause you ain’t gotta make no excuses for whatever you did. You might have thought differently at one point in time. I don’t think that should discredit that man.” “I’m not even going to go that far into it,” said Mal’s brother, Pusha T. “I don’t know what it’s gonna do to him, what it can or what it should do to him. I know the hip-hop community has given passes for much [worse].”

Teyana Taylor’s Rap-Up Cover Shoot

YouTube Preview Image

Behind The Scenes: Teyana Taylor’s Rap Up Shoot

YouTube Preview Image

N¤E¤R¤D – Anti Matter Cover

YouTube Preview Image

The Re-Up Albums

reupteam.jpgI gotta clear something up, cuz some of y’all got confused with all that Re-Up hype. In fact there’s 2 albums by the Re-Up, the Koch one and the Columbia one. The Koch one is a remake of WGIFC Volume 3 with different beats and some new tracks such as Money & Fast Life, and  the Columbia one is a real Re-Up Album due February 2009 and of course there is the new Clipse album due OctoberTill The Casket Drops

Clipse Presents… The Re-Up Gang – We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 3 (Reprise) (Koch) (2008) (Due August)
– Fast Life (Scott Storch)
– Money

Clipse – Till The Casket Drops (2008) (Due October)
Producers & Guests: Ruck Rubin, DJ Khalil, Sean & LV, Justice League, Dame Grease & The Neptunes

Re-Up Gang – Untitled (Columbia) (2009) (Due February)
Producers & Guests: Swizz Beatz, The Runners, Scott Storch, Justice League, THX, Dame Grease, The Neptunes, L.E.S., Bink, DJ Khaled, Blade, Carvin, Ivan, Timbaland, Trackmasters
– Hate (Bink)
Re-Up Gang – Money (Album Version)
Re-Up Gang – Money (DJ Entice)

Missy Elliott Gets The Neptunes On New Album

missy2.jpgAccording to the N¤E¤R¤D’s Remix Magazine Interview (June Issue), Missy is workin on her seventh album titled “Block Party” (Due September 30th) with The Neptunes again.“We were working with Missy Elliott, and she was talking the-neptunes.jpgabout this dance she saw someone doing to B-More house music. She showed this video to Pharrell, and he lost his mind, the way these people were dancing and these crazy beats.”

Missy Elliott – On & On feat. Pharrell (05’)


Solange’s Album Cover Revealed

Solange – SoL-AngeL & The Hadley St. Dreams (August 26, 2008)
01 – God-Given Name
02 – 6 O’ Clock Blues
03 – I Decided (Neptunes)
04 – Sandcastle Disco feat. Q-Tip
05 – T.O.N.Y.
06 – I Told You So
07 – I Would’ve Been The 1
08 – An Ode To Marvin
09 – Shampagne ChroniKnightCap feat. Lil’ Wayne
10 – Valentine’s Day
11 – Cosmic Journey feat. Bilal
12 – This Bird
13 – White Picket Dreams
14 – Wanna Go Back feat. Marsha Ambrosius & Q-Tip

Teyana Taylor Rap-Up Cover

Teyana Taylor has also premiered her new single “Move” (Produced By Hit Boy) at the Diesel Spring/Summer 09 beachwear show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim on July 17th in Miami.

Robin Thicke “Magic” Behind The Scenes

Robin Thicke "Magic"

Vote For N¤E¤R¤D & Co. For The MTV VMA Nominations!

vma-nominations-2008kk.jpgThis year MTV is letting the fans decide who the nominees are for the VMA’s! Voting opens today for the Best Hip-Hop and Pop Video categories and the Best Male and Female Video. Make sure to go to to vote for N¤E¤R¤D’s video “Everyone Nose” in the Pop category, Robin Thicke’s video for “Can U Believe” and for Snoop Dogg’s videos for “Life Of Da Party” & “Sensual Seduction“.  Voting closes Wednesday 7/30 at 11 AM EST.

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