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August 2010

Studio Pictures With N*E*R*D & Co.

In the studio with Shae, Chad, Pharrell, Game, Polow, Keri Hilson, Jared Evans. *

Chester French In Vogue’s Fashion Rocks


Official ‘Nothing’ Press Release, New Track Revealed ‘In The Air’, Album Will Contain 14 Tracks

There are many lessons that come from age and experience, and when one discovers such a thing, one is compelled to broadcast it to the world. This is that. Sometimes those declarations sound like the cantankerous frustrations of cranky old… Continue Reading →

N*E*R*D’s Nothing Pushed Back Again ‘Coming Soon’

Uhm……………… *Sad Face* N*E*R*D – Nothing (2010) Producers & Guests: Mansions On The Moon, Yelawolf, Kenna, Nelly Furtado, Christian Rich, Swizz Beatz… Confirmed Tracks: – Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Single) – Party People (Single) – Help Me – Make You… Continue Reading → Reveales Alyssa Bernal’s Album Name ‘In Love Again For The First Time’

“Pharrell Williams helps YouTube star Alyssa Bernal make her mark.” When multiplatinum artist and producer Pharrell Williams is so anxious to get in touch with someone that he contacts her high school to try and track her down, you know… Continue Reading →

Pusha T. Gets Beats By 88 Keys

According to 88 Keys’ Twitter, he’s doing some beats for Pusha T. probably for his Studio Album, so it does look like Pusha T. is with G.O.O.D. Music at all, we’ll see, thanks to roflcopter. “Working on some beats for… Continue Reading →

N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado (Starsmith Remix)

Swizz Beatz Worked With N*E*R*D For ‘Nothing’

On ‘RapFix Live,’ Swizz recounted the epic meeting of the super-producer minds. It was a picture worth a thousand tweets: multi-platinum producers Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Swizz Beatz all working together in one studio. The image was snapped by… Continue Reading →

Alyssa Bernal’s Behind The Scenes Photoshot

Interscope Records just posted 2 new videos of Alyssa Bernal, a behind the scene photoshot and a video that explains a little about Alyssa Bernal, check them out. Behind The Scenes Of The Photoshoot A Little About Alyssa Bernal

Nelly Furtado Working With The Neptunes For ‘Lifestyle’ Album, Due This Fall

Nelly Furtado has confirmed that she’s recruited The Neptunes to produce tracks for her next English record ‘Lifestyle’, who, as you know, recently enlisted Nelly to feature on the new N*E*R*D record “Hot-N-Fun”. Besides The Neptunes, Nelly has teamed up… Continue Reading →

Papa Roach – Just Go (Don’t Look Back)

This is the alternate version of The Neptunes produced tune Don’t Look Back by Papa Roach which shoulda been on their platinum album Getting Away With Murder from 2004 but it just had a B-Side release on the lead single… Continue Reading →

Pharrell Williams Sues Iceberg Over Trademark Dispute

Pharrell Williams is battling an Italian fashion firm over his Ice Cream clothing line. He’s suing the Gilmar Group for blocking a trademark application on his brand name on grounds that it’s too similar to Gilmar’s Ice and Iceberg labels…. Continue Reading →

The Neptunes Upcoming Projects Including Timbaland, T. I., Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Ciara & Rihanna

According to the Pharrell x article, The Neptunes have been in the studio with Timbaland, T. I., Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Ciara and Rihanna. Pharrell Williams – musician, producer, designer, and perpetual nominee for the coveted “Awesomest Dude Alive”… Continue Reading →

N*E*R*D Create Alternative Reality On ‘Nothing’ Album

N*E*R*D’s ‘Nothing’ album is finally scheduled to arrive this September, after undergoing some serious reconstructive work and a sharp change in direction. According to Pharrell Williams, the decision to scrap 27 potential songs for the album earlier this year has… Continue Reading →

Pharrell Williams x RVA Magazine Interview

It is around 3:30PM and we’re in South Beach Studios in Miami Beach, Florida, shooting a music video with Pharrell Williams. Alex Germanotta, the DP of the video and I began talks with VA natives Clipse a little while ago…. Continue Reading →

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary

I don’t know if y’all seen this documentary of Justin Timberlake’s VH1 Documentary of Justified on Youtube but I just came across of it and that’s new to me, but there’s nothing new if you seen the JT’s Studio Session… Continue Reading → Is Up & Running

Alyssa Bernal’s official site is finally up and running, check it out.

JoJo Experiments With Chad & Kenna On ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ Mixtape

JoJo has stepped out of the spotlight for quite some time, having released her sophomore album The High Road four years ago. Now, the 19-year-old Boston singer is gearing up for the release of her third effort, All I Want… Continue Reading →

Alyssa Bernal Performing Her First Single On Youtube

Here is Alyssa’s new single Cali, Cali, Cali which is available now on iTunes together with Never Woulda. Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali Alyssa Bernal – Never Woulda Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali

N*E*R*D On i-D Online

Funky American hip-hop collective N*E*R*D were in London earlier this week promoting their fourth studio album entitled Nothing. The band, fronted by the legendary Pharrell Williams, is renowned for making soulful, rock-infused beats, accompanied by intensely catchy, feel-good riffs. i-D… Continue Reading →

Pharrell Williams x Interview Magazine Interview (23rd August)

Pharrell Williams, The Human Sampler Interview Magazine’s Collen Nika speaks with Pharrell Williams regarding one of his lesser known but increasingly projects, Bionic Yarn. The material constructed of recycled product made a high-profile debut within Pharrell’s recent collaboration with Moncler…. Continue Reading →

N*E*R*D x Article

Pharrell Williams: Battle Of The Bands & Space Odyssey I was to talk to and photograph Pharrell Williams at Irving Plaza. It was a 7-Eleven/Slurpee Battle Of The Bands event, and when I mentioned it to my crew, they went… Continue Reading →

Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali (Preview)

Here is a preview of Alyssa’s first single Cali, Cali, Cali which will be released on iTunes on August 24th. Alyssa Bernal – Cali, Cali, Cali (Preview) * Alyssa Bernal – 1st Studio Album (2010) Producers & Guests: Martin Terefe… Continue Reading →

N*E*R*D At Wywiad Coke Music Festival


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