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August 2010

Nelly Furtado Working With The Neptunes For ‘Lifestyle’ Album, Due This Fall

Nelly Furtado has confirmed that she’s recruited The Neptunes to produce tracks for her next English record ‘Lifestyle’, who, as you know, recently enlisted Nelly to feature on the new N*E*R*D record “Hot-N-Fun”. Besides The Neptunes, Nelly has teamed up with the lead singer of awesome electro band Passion Pit, to record what she describes as “a pretty ballad”. Nelly has also taken some interesting musical inspiration for Lifestyle, revealing to Flare Magazine that she’s penned a new song called “The Edge” that was inspired by the Tiger Woods cheating scandal.

In addition to the producers already mentioned, Nelly has also recorded several songs with dance DJ Tiesto, as well as Ryan Tedder and Salaam Remi. She’s even clocked in more than twenty tracks with Timbaland, but it’s currently unclear whether he’ll make the final cut of her album, after she announced back in March that Timbo probably wouldn’t appear on Lifestyle. Lifestyle is currently due this Fall, meaning that it’s on track for a fourth quarter release.


Papa Roach – Just Go (Don’t Look Back)

This is the alternate version of The Neptunes produced tune Don’t Look Back by Papa Roach which shoulda been on their platinum album Getting Away With Murder from 2004 but it just had a B-Side release on the lead single Getting Away With Murder. The version that features N*E*R*D on the track has been released on The Biker Boyz OST from 2003 which shoulda been also a single according to Pharrell, you can get both version below for your iPod, thanks to Aaron.

Papa Roach – Just Go (Don’t Look Back) (04′)

Papa Roach – Don’t Look Back feat. N*E*R*D (03′)

Pharrell Williams Sues Iceberg Over Trademark Dispute

Pharrell Williams is battling an Italian fashion firm over his Ice Cream clothing line. He’s suing the Gilmar Group for blocking a trademark application on his brand name on grounds that it’s too similar to Gilmar’s Ice and Iceberg labels. The acclaimed music producer claims that adding the word “cream” — street slang for money — “creates a vastly different sound, appearance, meaning and overall commercial impression.” Iceberg is a company that was founded in Italy in 1962 and opened its first showroom in New York in 1991. Pharrell launched his Ice Cream collection in 2004, along with his other brand, Billionaire Boys Club.


The Neptunes Upcoming Projects Including Timbaland, T. I., Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Ciara & Rihanna

According to the Pharrell x article, The Neptunes have been in the studio with Timbaland, T. I., Nicki Minaj, Avril Lavigne, Ciara and Rihanna. Pharrell Williams – musician, producer, designer, and perpetual nominee for the coveted “Awesomest Dude Alive” – is on the other end of the phone, and I’m a little bit starstruck. He’s taking some time out from putting the final touches on N*E*R*D’s fourth album, Nothing and from his countless other projects, including the score to a new animated movie Despicable Me written with Hans Zimmer and Heitor Pereira and performed by a 67-piece orchestra. “Thank God we finished that”, says Pharrell. “And…then I’ve also got a couple of other things going on, in art, that I can’t really talk about at the moment. But I definitely have some more art endeavours coming.

And when you see it you’ll notice it, because it’s from a grant – I got a grant to back me for it.And then, also the regular stuff. The BBC, Ice Cream [his clothing labels] – we’re doing some amazing things with Timbaland. And then, um, I dunno. I just went in with T.I., just went in with Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, uh, Shay’s stuff, Avril Lavigne – all people who wanted to try different things. Ciara, Rihanna…” All this, of course, has been going on at the same time as the sessions for the N*E*R*D album. So with everything that’s going on, with all the different sounds and styles that are clearly flying around inside his head, what can he tell us about Nothing?
“Uh…it is definitely…it’s timeless, in the sense that it borrows from different eras. And so, because it’s not from this time that makes it timeless. People could be listening to it at any time. You could have put it on at Woodstock, or put it on in the club tomorrow. It’s super-sexy sounding, but what we’re talking about is everyday issues.” It’s interesting that he brings up “sexy”; when Seeing Sounds came out Pharrell’s lyrics were blasted in US Rolling Stone with contributing editor Christian Hoard declaring that “you don’t learn much from Pharrell’s lyrics except that he’s horny.” Over to you, Pharrell “You know what’s so funny? Everyone reads that same stupid review, from that same guy.

We’ve made that fucker famous. I mean, I’m sure in their own respect they are probably a great writer and do great things, but it was one writer. And yet we get asked that question every time because it’s come up on Google. That’s the one thing I would change.” “But I think that for the most part, when that review made it back to us, it was during a time when we were playing the songs for people [to preview Seeing Sounds ], and that particular batch of songs was very sexually oriented. So that person took it as the whole Seeing Sounds album was super-sexual. But it wasn’t – they just happened to hear a particular line-up of songs that happened to have sexual themes. But the person only heard five records, and I think there was a total of twelve or thirteen songs on the album.”

“So all that is to say, yes, there is a sexual slant to the things I write about. But, y’know, what part of the things that I write that are sexual don’t usually happen when making another human being? Y’know? OK, I’m saying sexual things, but how do we make people?” It seems to me that in the last 12 months, a lot of hip hop and rap artists have stopped using jazz hooks as the basis for their music, and instead have shifted to European house, techno or dance music; but will N*E*R*D be going down the same path? “Well, I don’t want to give away our secret,” Pharrell coyly comments, “But when everybody else is on the highway, we’ve been known to take planes. So, if that’s what everybody else is doing, good for them. But we wanna continue to rock this planet, rock this solar system.” What more can you ask for?


N*E*R*D Create Alternative Reality On ‘Nothing’ Album

N*E*R*D’s ‘Nothing’ album is finally scheduled to arrive this September, after undergoing some serious reconstructive work and a sharp change in direction. According to Pharrell Williams, the decision to scrap 27 potential songs for the album earlier this year has inspired a completely new body of work. “We got rid of those tracks and started with nothing, so I was like, that’s what we need to do — we need to call [the album] ‘Nothing,” Pharrell tells The BoomBox. “At the end of the day, how did the world come about? They said it started with the Big Bang, but what was before the Big Bang? What comes before all great ideas? Before you’re inspired … Nothing!” Although Pharrell has repeatedly described the album’s current line-up of songs as “lifestyle” music, the N*E*R*D frontman doesn’t actually hold the new content in such light regard.

Observations on current events, technology, and the dizzying pace of daily life, were all driving forces in the effort to create an album dedicated to “escapism,” or an alternative reality. “We’ve had so many things going on, from the technological advancements of the iPod, and the iPad, which are genius,” Pharrell explains, beginning on a positive note. “But at the same time we also have technological failures like the oil spill and it feels a lot like the late 60s and early 70s. While I was too young to understand what we were going through, I’ve looked back at a lot of footage and newsreels from that era. And now we have issues like our dependency on fossil fuels, which has not proven to be a good thing.” “There are issues and people want to talk about them, but we don’t want to bring people down,” he continued, emphasizing that ‘Nothing‘ is intended to uplift the listener.

“We want to bring people up, make people happy, we’re tired of people thinking so much, That’s why in the middle of the ‘Hot-N-Fun’ song, you hear me say, ‘People don’t wanna think anymore, they just wanna feel, they wanna let go,’ for just for a second man. We need some kind of escapism and that’s what the ‘Nothing’ album is about.” Some of that escapism will appeal uniquely to the female psyche “in the same way that a Sandra Bullock film would,” Pharrell says, but by no means is it intended to be enjoyed only by the fairer sex. “This album is for black, white, gay, straight, tall, skinny, fat, whatever. As long as you have blood in your body, it’s for you. It’s just for you to listen and escape. While a lot of women hear it and they feel sexy, it’s not a sexual album. I’m not saying anything about a girl’s body necessarily. The focus is to liberate women and make them feel free and be happy about music and what music does to them.”Nothing‘ is currently set for a September 7 release.


Pharrell Williams x RVA Magazine Interview

It is around 3:30PM and we’re in South Beach Studios in Miami Beach, Florida, shooting a music video with Pharrell Williams. Alex Germanotta, the DP of the video and I began talks with VA natives Clipse a little while ago. We wanted to shoot a video off of their album Till The Casket Drops, which features Pharrell, and fellow Virginia native Kenna. To say we were excited would be the biggest understatement ever. Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes, media mogul, fashion icon, soundtrack composer. We had shown up a couple of hours earlier to set up and were doing test shots when we got a call from Pharrell’s personal assistant, Mick.


The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary

I don’t know if y’all seen this documentary of Justin Timberlake’s VH1 Documentary of Justified on Youtube but I just came across of it and that’s new to me, but there’s nothing new if you seen the JT’s Studio Session DVD’s, nonetheless it still is interesting, check it out.

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary 1

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary 2

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary 3

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary 4

The Justified VH1 Launch Documentary 5 Is Up & Running

Alyssa Bernal’s official site is finally up and running, check it out.

JoJo Experiments With Chad & Kenna On ‘Can’t Take That Away From Me’ Mixtape

JoJo has stepped out of the spotlight for quite some time, having released her sophomore album The High Road four years ago. Now, the 19-year-old Boston singer is gearing up for the release of her third effort, All I Want Is Everything, to be released at the top of 2011, by putting out a new mixtape titled Can’t Take That Away From Me.

The songstress with a soulful voice compiled the new tape using songs she’s crafted over the course of a year. Listeners can expect to hear a broad range of topics and sounds on the project. From mainstream pop records to tunes tinged with hip-hop flavor, JoJo dabbled in many genres, including her favorite, which are the soulful records that compliment her voice best. “This mixtape is more experimental,” JoJo tells

“I was able to explore the full spectrum of things that interest me and inspire me musically. Whereas the album, I wanted to make pop records and radio hits and things that satisfy me, but particularly for [All I Want Is Everything], it’s more of a continuous body of work. The mixtape, I was able to do some things that were more soulful, incorporate live instruments, and say things that I wouldn’t normally say on an album. I was just able to take more of a risk. It is all over the place, just like me.” While her albums tend to have a cohesive sound and a common thread, the mixtape jumps around in a manner she’s content with. As for the title, JoJo explains that its meaning comes from a very personal place. “It was kind of symbolic of some things I have been going through professionally as well as personally,” she reveals.

“Starting with the fact that I want to release music and you can’t really take what comes naturally to me, away from me.” Producer Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, and experimental artist Kenna, joined forces to create several tracks for Can’t Take That Away From Me. They’re the creators behind “Pretty Please,” “Kiss and Tell,” and “Shades.” Grammy Award-winning beatmaker Neff-U produced the mixtape’s title track as well as a song titled “Runnin’ on Empty.” Then there’s J. Gatsby, the musical director behind JoJo’s band and the producer of “In the Dark,” a record that finds the songstress moving away from that happy-go-lucky sound.

“I think ‘In the Dark’ is different than anything people have heard from me before,” says JoJo. “It’s a very sensual record and there’s an undertone of sadness to it.” All in all, Can’t Take That Away From Me is JoJo’s re-entry to the music industry. Fans have sat idle waiting for her to drop new material and the time has finally arrived. “I’m interested to see what people think because I am experimenting with sounds,” she admits. “My fans’ opinions really matter to me so I’m going to be looking to see what they gravitate towards. And of course, I’m a little nervous because I haven’t released material in a while. [But] I’m confident that people will dig what I release.” Can’t Take That Away From Me will premiere exclusively on on September 7. “In the Dark,” the first single from the mixtape, will also debut here later this month, Thanks to bigmac2098.

JoJo – Can’t Take That Away From Me (2010) (September 7th)
– Pretty Please (Chad Hugo, Kenna)
– Kiss & Tell (Chad Hugo, Kenna)
– Shades (Chad Hugo, Kenna)


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