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August 2010

Pharrell Talks About Nicki Minaj

Female rap is getting a revival thanks to Nicki Minaj. The femcee is dominating music with her guest features and solo single “Your Love,” which became the first song by a female artist unaccompanied to reach No. 1 on the Rap Songs chart since Missy Elliott’s “Work It” in November 2002. The Associated Press interviewed some of Minaj’s peers and collaborators, including Pharrell, Ludacris, 50 Cent, Eve, and Queen Latifah, to get their thoughts on her and female rap in general. Here’s what they had to say.

Pharrell: “I think since Nicki came out there’s going to be a lot of new girls coming out. There’s always one that paves the way and opens the door [and] I think she reopened the door to hip-hop for females.”


Free Chester French Show In Milwaukee

Chester French is returning to Milwaukee, WI for a FREE show on Thursday, August 26th. The show is partnering with Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin for the community to raise awareness of Milwaukee’s teen pregnancy epidemic and the preventive services that Planned Parenthood provides for the community.

What: Free Chester French Concert With DJ Madhatter (of 88.9) and Prophetic.
When: Thursday, August 26, 2010 from 4pm – 7pm.
Where: Washington Park
Directions From The North.
Head South on I43, West on I94 toward Madison,
take North on 41 by the stadium and exit West Lloyd Street.
Turn right onto West Lloyd Street. Take first right into park.
Directions From The South.
Head North/West on I94 through downtown,
take North on 41 by the stadium and exit West Lloyd Street.
Turn right onto West Lloyd Street. Take first right into park.
Directions From The West.
Head East on I94, take North on 41 by the stadium
and exit West Lloyd Street. Take first right into park.

For more info, visit Planned Parenthood’s microsite for the event at


Pharrell: ‘Rhea’s Still Featured In Certain Places On The Record’

Currently the band’s only North American date in the run-up to the release of September’s Nothing, NYMag caught up with Pharrell Williams backstage. While Chad Hugo, his bandmate and partner in inactive production super-duo The Neptunes, sat next to him quietly, Williams sold us on the album: “We wanted to make it like a lifestyle. Lifestyle music. [And] girls can get freaky to it.” Also, somehow: “Most of the album is like the Doors meets America.” (He’s not joking, we don’t think.) And whatever happened to Rhea, we asked, a female vocalist the band briefly added — à la the pre-megafame Black Eyed Peas and Fergie — before returning to the original lineup?

“We experimented with it. That was our first batch of records, and it was good, but wasn’t good enough, and we were like, ‘Naw, let’s not do this.’” There’s no bad blood. “Rhea’s still featured in certain places on the record, but the members of N*E*R*D are Shay [Haley], Chad, and myself.” The Neptunes produced a ridiculous number of hits throughout the early part of this decade, often with Pharrell himself out front on the chorus. Which leads to two questions: Why the pause in producing? And why hasn’t N*E*R*D ever found the kind of chart success Pharrell and Hugo have repeatedly helped others achieve?

On the first, Pharrell says: “I didn’t want to keep producing the same stuff. With Nothing, I’m back to producing a whole bunch of new sounds, and it took a minute for something to dawn on me, to hit me.” And for the second question? “I always go too creative on myself,” Pharrell says, “and subject my band members to my wanting to forge the new path. For pop, there’s a process. It’s got to go through so a 6-year-old can get it like a 60-year-old. Our album now, if you fuck with N*E*R*D, you will love it, but it’s different juxtaposed to your average pop act, like your Jay Sean. It’s just too real.”


Jay-Z Named Top Hip-Hop Earner 2010, Pharrell On #9 With $13 Mio

Jay-Z earned a cool $63 million, while Sean “Diddy” Combs took in $30 million to take the second slot. What’s surprising is Akon’s No. 3 position ($21 million) on the chart, topping the likes of Lil’ Wayne, Dr. Dre and Ludacris. Lil Wayne ($20 million) grabs the fourth spot on the list, even though the musician has been in jail for the past five months. Dr. Dre is fifth with $17 million earned, Ludacris takes the sixth spot with $16 million, Snoop Dogg takes seventh with $15 million and Timbaland nabbed No. 8 with $14 million. Pharrell Williams (No. 9, $13 million) and Kanye West (No. 10, $12 million) round out the top 10.

1. Jay-Z – $63 Million
2. Diddy – $30 Million
3. Akon – $21 Million
4. Lil’ Wayne – $20 Million
5. Dr. Dre – $17 Million
6. Ludacris” – $16 Million
7. Snoop Dogg – $15 Million
8. Timbaland – $14 Million
9. Pharrell Williams – $13 Million

10. Kanye West – $12 Million
11. Drake” – $10 Million
12. T.I. – $9 Million (tie)
12. Swizz Beatz – $9 Million (tie)
14. Eminem – $8 Million (tie)
14. 50 Cent – $8 Million (tie)
14. Young Jeezy – $8 Million (tie)
17. Common” – $7 Million
18. Soulja Boy – $6 Million (tie)
18. T-Pain – $6 Million (tie)
20. Lil’ Jon – $5 Million (tie)
20. Gucci Mane – $5 Million (tie)
20. Rick Ross – $5 Million (tie)


Alyssa Bernal’s First Single ‘Kelly, Kelly, Kelly’ Due August 24th

Alyssa Bernal just revealed on Youtube the release date of her first single from her upcoming album. The single will be released on iTunes on August 24th and its called Kelly Kelly Kelly, she also revealed that her official website will go online on August 24th as well, can’t wai t to hear her single.

Despicable Me 2 Already In The Works

In a summer that’s been littered with underperforming would-be blockbusters and outright flops, Despicable Me is a remarkable story for many reasons. Namely, it’s a hit, grossing $56.3 for its opening last weekend, which is massive coming from an up-and-coming animation studio (Illumination, based at Universal) and a completely original film, with no books or previous movies to spring off from (sorry, Toy Story 3). Perhaps most importantly it’s a saving grace for Universal, a studio that’s suffered a long series of flops (last summer seemed like just one disaster after another) and has been struggling for years to break into the family-friendly animation business.

And while Pierre Coffin and Chris Renaud are the film’s directors, it’s probably Illumination head Chris Meladandri who deserves most of the credit, for putting the studio together by recruiting all the good animators he knew, and encouraging original ideas amid the expected adaptations and remakes (those are coming down the line). In a ridiculously glowing piece in Deadline Meledandri is showered with all kinds of praise for building what they seem to think is the next Pixar, but they also manage to reveal some actual news about where Illumination may be headed next.

Primarily– and this should come as no surprise– the gears are already in motion for Despicable Me 2, which Meledandri is developing with the film’s writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio. They’re also planning two short films featuring The Minions, Gru’s little yellow assistants who were apparently a major part of the film’s appeal to kids. It’s not clear where we might see The Minions next– either before another Illumination film or on the DVD or somewhere else– but you can definitely count on an enhanced role for them in the sequels. Lets hope Pharrell will score that one too, thanks to Aaron.


Pharrell Williams x Interview

One of our forum member Zay had the opportunity to Interview Pharrell for his website where he asked Pharrell 7 questions, check it out. In honor of N*E*R*D’s upcoming September 7th Release “Nothing”, I had an opportunity to ask Pharrell 7 quick questions. If you know me, you know I am a huge supporter of the entire Star Trak movement. This was definitely an amazing opportunity and I have to show some love to MiMi Valdes over at Kidult and the entire Kidult army! Also, I want to send a big thanks to Pharrell for taking time out of his busy schedule to speak with me!

Earstyle: You have had your hands in everything from music to furniture to fashion. You continue to expand your brand, but what is next? Do you ever think about what you want to accomplish next or does it just come to you at any given moment?
Pharrell: I am often lead by the void of what doesn’t exist just as well as the inspiration of a moment.

Earstyle: Movies are something that are evolving right before our eyes. It seems as though today, directors have to figure out how they will tie in 3D into the movie production and marketing. What do you think is the next revolutionary step for music?
Pharrell: We are steady trying to harness all of the existing modes of recording in search of 3D sound.


The Neptunes In The Studio With Ciara & DJ Drama

Right after we’ve found out that Ludacris has been in the studio with The Neptunes, it looks like the tune they’ve been working on will be featuring Ciara and maybe DJ Drama,because they all have been in the studio with The Neptunes, check out the pics.

DJ Drama & The Neptunes
“Pollyn with @djdrama ..sumtin in the works.. Stay tuned”

Ludacris, Ciara & The Neptunes
“Studio in the A. shout out @ludacris @ciara @djdrama”


Ludacris In The Studio With The Neptunes

According to Ludacris’ twitter, he’s already with The Neptunes in the studio again working on his 8th studio album titled ‘Ludaversal‘, thanks to DjGreen702. ‘Back in the studio with Neptunes. “Ludaversal” Album. The start button has been pushed.’


N*E*R*D – MTV Live Sessions (2010)

N*E*R*D had recently a Live Session with MTV where they performed their singles from 2008′s Seeing Sounds and their recent singles Hot-N-Fun, Party People and their new tune Help Me from the new album ‘Nothing‘ due September 7th. You can get the whole performances in MP3 for your iPod below, thanks to Haybusa.

N*E*R*D – MTV Live Sessions (2010)
01 – Hot-N-Fun feat. Nelly Furtado
02 – Help Me
03 – Party People
04 – Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)
05 – Sooner Or Later

Total Size: 24,21MB

N*E*R*D – Help Me (10′)


Pharrell In Vogue’s September Issue


The Neptunes In The Studio (August 14th)

The Neptunes

MADE x N*E*R*D Interview

Shoutout to Misla !

Britney Spears Worked With The Neptunes On ‘My Big Secret’ For New Album

The news just hit the net that Britney worked with The Neptunes on the tune ‘My Big Secret’ which actually first was a N*E*R*D tune back in 2001 then its been given to Janet Jackson and afterwards it went to Britney for her 2003 album ‘In The Zone’ but it didn’t make the final cut with other 4 neptunes tracks because of her management issues, so it looks like the tune will finally get release on her 7th studio album with other producer & guests contributions such as Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, JR Rotem and Kara DioGuardi.

In early March 2010, it was confirmed by Spears’s label that she was working on her 7th studio album and that no official release date had been confirmed or announced. Further confirmation came when a representative for Britney told People’s web site that after completing her tour, Spears had been in the studio working on her next album and according to, her new album is called ‘It’s A Secret’.


Britney Spears x The Neptunes Discography

Britney Spears – Britney (2001)
* I’m A Slave 4 U
* Boys

Britney Spears – Austin Powers In Goldmember OST (2002)
* Boys feat. Pharrell (Co-Ed Remix)

Britney Spears – In The Zone (Studio Session) (2003)
* Baby Can’t You See
* Cuz U’re Lookin’ So Good
* I Don’t Want You feat. Pharrell
* My Big Secret
* Take Ya Home feat. Pharrell
* I M.I.S.S. You (Later Recorded For Nicole Scherzinger)

Britney Spears – Blackout (2007)
* Why Should I Be Sad (aka Stupid Things) feat. Pharrell

Britney Spears – Blackout (Studio Session) (2007)
* Stupid Things feat. Pharrell
* Sugarfall (aka Hooked On) feat. Pharrell

Britney Spears – It’s A Secret (2010)
* My Big Secret

Christina Aguilera Confirmed The Neptunes Worked On Bionic

Christina may leave record label RCA. Is Christina Aguilera geared to leave her record label, RCA? There were rumors that RCA would drop Christina because her latest album, Bionic, tanked by selling just over 200,000 copies, but they quickly denied any chance of dropping the pop diva. However, word is that Christina will leave RCA because the label did not allow her the artistic freedom to create the album she wanted to release. Years before the release, while she was working on Bionic, she proudly discussed collaborators such as Goldfrapp, Diplo, Ladytron, DJ Premier, Santigold, and The Neptunes.

She also added that she was inspired by motherhood and pregnancy after having her son Max in 2008. That did not come through in Bionic, which sounds more like a poor sequel to 2002’s Stripped. The first single, “Not Myself Tonight,” left fans scratching their heads while Christina was writhing around in dominatrix gear. Christina may leave RCA for a multi-million dollar deal with LiveNation, a less totalitarian option for artists that does not take the copyrights from the artists. A few acts that are signed to LiveNation are Jay-Z, Madonna, U2, and Shakira. Christina has reportedly quit doing anything with Bionic and is now putting her energy in her film co-starring Cher, Burlesque, which is in theatres November 24.


Chiddy Bang Confirmes Pharrell On Their Album

Chiddy Bang
Chiddy Bang sat down with Gowhere Hip Hop’s gorgeous Jen DeLeon, where they talked about The Opposite Of Adults EP, the upcoming album, The Swelly Life, that will be released later this month and they also confirmed that Pharrell, Q-Tip, and Killer Mike will be on the The Swelly Life album at 03:10. The Swelly Life is due August 24th.

Chiddy Bang x Gowhere Hip Hop Interview



Slim Thug – Chicken Strip feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Final Version)

As y’all already noticed, Slim Thug is leaking some of his unreleased tracks right now on his twitter account where he also leaked The Neptunes tune Chicken Strip. This is the final and finished version of Slim Thug’s Chicken Strip tune from the ‘Allready Platinum Session’ from 2004 featuring Snoop Dogg & Laura London I think at the end, anyways I hope we’ll get more unreleased neptunes stuff from Slim Thugga this week.

Slim Thug – Chicken Strip feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg (Final) (04′)

Slim Thug – Chicken Strip feat. Pharrell (First Version) (04′)

Justin Timberlake, Pharrell & Ray J. Back In 2001

Check out this hilarious videoclip from 2001 with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell and Ray J. when The Neptunes just started to kill everyone in the music business, from the public access shot STREETFUNKTV, thanks to theeplane.

Nelly Has The Neptunes On ’5.0′ Release

Rapper Nelly is back once again to spread a little of his “country grammar” to the mainstream with the release of his sixth album, ‘5.0.’ The St. Louis native tapped heavy hitters The Neptunes, Polow Da Don, Jermaine Dupri and Jim Jones to produce his first album since 2008′s ‘Brass Knuckles.’ The 35-year-old also reunited with his ‘Dilemma’ partner Kelly Rowland for the follow up track ‘Gone.’ Nelly, born Cornell Haynes Jr., spoke on the story behind the album’s title. “It’s a lot of things,” he said in an interview. “It’s also my fifth drop date. It’s just the energy of it all. [The Mustang] 5.0 was always one of my dream cars. As soon as I had enough money to buy one of these mothaf—ers, they stopped making these shits.”5.0‘ is due November 16.


Nelly – 5.0 (2010) (November 16)
- Untitled

Game: Pharrell’s The Exe-Producer For Every Album For The Rest Of My Life, It Must Be Me Won’t Be On Album

Game recently sat down with Complex to talk about his long anticipated album R.E.D., the delays, fake gangsters & “butthurt” fans. He revealed that ‘It Must Be Me’ won’t be on the album as well as ‘Ain’t No Doubt About It’ and that he recorded several new tracks for the album. No one said it was easy being a gangster. Just ask Jayceon “Game” Taylor. Ever since his debut, it seems like the California rapper has constantly been involved in some kind of beef, controversy, or general fuckery. As of late, though, it’s been quite the opposite. Game swears he won’t dis anyone on his upcoming, oft-delayed The R.E.D. Album. He’s made amends with his old label, Aftermath, as well as his old mentor, Dr. Dre. He’s even made some new friends by entering a partnership with Pharrell.

And although he still gets pulled into the gutter on occasion (like when someone recently threw beer at him and his kids) he’s been level-headed enough to steer clear. The new and improved Game might actually be older, wiser, and more mature…but there’s a problem. His music isn’t connecting. A slew of new material has been released or leaked this year, but whether it be the Justin Timberlake-assisted “Ain’t No Doubt About It” or the Robin Thicke collaboration “Pushin’ It,” none of the songs have managed to chart. With his new mixtape, Brake Lights, currently lighting up the Internet and The R.E.D. Album still without a firm release date, we got on the horn with Game to talk about when his album will actually come out, what it’ll take for him to kill you, and why he’s still just one hit away.


N*E*R*D – Hot-N-Fun (Dance Video)


Win Tickets To N*E*R*D’s Secret Gig In London

Win exclusive N*E*R*D tickets to secret gig, meet the band & get lots of goodies! American rock funk band N*E*R*D, are hitting London to perform at a secret location and you could be there with them! Watch them, meet them and get your hands on some Billionaire Boy’s Club goodies and signed stuff! Listen to some of the bands most famous tracks LIVE! But more importantly be one of the first to hear the newest material from their fourth album; ‘Nothing‘. This is one of the most secret and exclusive gigs of the year so far.

Bring along your favourite friend and funk the night away! You will receive exclusive items from Pharrell’s own clothing line Billionaire Boy’s Club plus you will get to meet Chad, Pharrell and Shay in person after the show. If you are a massive N*E*R*D obsessive, love funky rock music or just think Pharrell Williams is divine, then this prize could possibly be your match made in heaven. We also have 3 pairs of tickets with signed goodies to give away to our runners up. Event details: Secret London location on the 19th August 2010, thanks to beccanielsen1.


Pharrell Williams Among Vanity Fair’s ‘Best Dressed’

Pharrell Williams has been named in Vanity Fair’s 2010 International Best-Dressed List. There’s an eclectic feel to this year’s ranking of the style elite. But, as always, the list is about individual taste, not fashion trends, so from Samantha Cameron to Alec Baldwin to Lady Gaga, only one real through line emerges: their exquisite self-expression. Pharrell reveals his favorite shoes to be Christian Loubotin jazz shoes, while Gaga’s look is described as “Dada Catholic girl.” Also included is singer/songwriter and actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

OCCUPATION: ‘Thinker and doer’, recording artist.
RESIDENCES: Virginia Beach and Miami.
FAVORITE ITEMS OF CLOTHING: Junya Watanabe camo long T, SpongeBob toe socks, Moncler Bionic Yarn vest, BBC nylon motorcycle jacket.
FAVORITE FASHION PURCHASE OF 2010: Forest-green Hermès Haut à Courroies bag.
FAVORITE SHOES: Christian Louboutin jazz shoes.
FAVORITE WATCH: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Carbon Concept. STYLE IDOL: Steve McQueen.


Big Sean Talks Finally Famous Production & Pusha T.

Ashley Outrageous had a candid convo with Big Sean while he was in Miami last week, where he said we can “probably” look out for a G.O.O.D. Music Tour. After another Pusha T. non-committal, he says No I.D. produced most of the album with 8 tracks, Pharrell did 1, and of course Kanye will contribute a few. He wanted to keep features a secret for now, but he did name Jeezy and Ross.

Outrageous Xclusive: Big Sean


Nas’ Pharrell Diss From 2008 Trackname Revealed

Remember the unreleased diss track that we saw on youtube like 2 years ago, well its produced by Cool & Dre called Street Riders and its been released on Game’s newest mixtape Brake Lights (2010) which was released today, the song “Street Riders” track, which also features Akon, features an old Nas verse where he goes at 50 Cent too.

Game – Street Riders feat. Akon & Nas (Pharrell Diss) (Cool & Dre) (10′)

Game – Brake Lights (2010)
01 – Brake Lights feat. Busta Rhymes
02 – Trading Places feat. Snoop Dogg
03 – Cold Blood feat. Busta Rhymes & Dre
04 – MIA (3 Heats) (Lebron James, Bosh, Wade)
05 – Stop ft. Rick Ross
06 – Street Riders feat. Akon & Nas
07 – HaHaHaHaHa
08 – Pushin’ It feat. T. I. & Robin Thicke
09 – Thats The Way The Game Goes feat. Shawty Lo
10 – Ecstasy
11 – Phantom Of The Opera
12 – Do It B.I.G. feat. Yung Joc
13 – You Are The Blood
14 – Get ‘Em feat. Waka Flocka Flame
15 – Cherry Koolaid
16 – Heels & Dresses (X.O. feat. T.Y Dolla Sign)
17 – Blackout
18 – Stadium Music
19 – Hustlin’ (Champions

Total Size: 75,21MB


Nas Disses Pharrell & 50 Cent

Alyssa Bernal – Real With Me (Cady Groves Cover)

Trey Songz’ Passion, Pain & Pleasure Tracklist & Album Cover Revealed, Due September 14th

Trey Songz revealed this week his album name and the tracklist to his fourth studio album which he ‘allegedly’ had a neptunes studio session for Passion, Pain & Pleasure, due September 14th.

Passion, Pain & Pleasure (2010) (September 14th)
01 – Here We Go Again (Interlude)
02 – Love Faces
03 – Massage
04 – Alone
05 – Bottom’s Up feat. Nicki Minaj
06 – Pain (Interlude)
07 – Can’t Be Friends
08 – Pleas Return My Call
09 – Made To Be Together
10 – Pleasure (Interlude)
11 – Red Lipstick
12 – Doorbell
13 – Passion (Interlude)
14 – Unfortunate
15 – I Like Dat (Freak Freaky Dance)
16 – Blind
17 – You Just Need Me

Trey Songz Eyes The Neptunes For Next Album

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