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November 2010

Alyssa Bernal Recap Milwaukee Venue

Alyssa Bernal x Interview

Singer/songwriter Alyssa Bernal is just your average girl if your definition of average is creating YouTube videos of yourself singing songs so amazing that superstar producer Pharrell Williams has to track you down. That’s the true story of how Alyssa was signed to his Star Trak Entertainment and started recording her soon-to-be-released debut album In Love Again For The First Time. So, Teen Mag was psyched to have the chance to ask Alyssa all about living out her dreams!

TeenMag: When know wanted to be a singer?
Alyssa Bernal: When I started noticing the positive feedback I was getting on my YouTube channel. People would say my singing would change their day and that made me feel so happy to know.

TM: When did you start writing songs?
AB: I started writing songs when I got my first acoustic guitar, probably about two years ago.


Rhea Get’s ‘Deeper’

According to ASCAP, she’s just been given the Natasha Ramos/Ashanti track “Deeper feat. Robin Thicke” for her album.

DEEPER Work ID: 881120371

Natasha Ramos – Deeper feat. Robin Thicke (07′)

Ab Liva & iCan – ¥€$ Vol. 1 (2010)

Here is Ab Liva & iCan’s Free EP titled ¥€$ Vol. 1 with guest appearances by Res, Malice & Pusha T.

Ab Liva & iCan – ¥€$ Vol. 1 (2010)
01 – Cross Me (Dilemma & Suburban Hustlers)
02 – Big Bank (Vybe)
03 – Where Do We Go feat. Malice (Carvin & Ivan)
04 – Politicin’ (JNatBeats)
05 – RockStarz feat. Res (Raak & Forte)
06 – Who’s Better feat. Pusha T. (Vybe)
07 – The Wire (Beat Bully)
08 – I Made It (Bill Collecterz)
09 – Job Well Done (!llmind)

Total Size: 39,67MB


Tammy Lucas Talks The Neptunes & Unreleased 1997 Album ‘Truly Soulful’

Tammy Lucas has been Interviewed back in 2008 where she talks about her relationship with The Neptunes and their early days. She also sounds bitter in some parts about her business dealings with Teddy Riley and Pharrell, but in the end she mentions that Pharrell contacted her said that he would produce half of her album when she got a record deal. The Harlem girl moved to Virginia Beach, Virginia where the hit maker Teddy Riley set up shop when Future Records was born.

Soon they discovered The Neptunes at a talent show Teddy Riley gave at Chad & Pharrell’s high school. TL: “I was a judge on the panel, I voted for them & I knew they would win because they were so original; Pharrell’s energy was dynamic back then & when I heard Chad’s chords it was Love at first sound.

I told Ted I wanted them to write with me on my album & a new music family bond was created. ‘BLACKstreet – Tonight’s The Night‘ was the first song we all wrote together”. Teddy Riley continued to be in such high demand that Tammy became a mentor/big sister to the new comers. TL: “In fact the entire 5+ years I lived in V.A. both of my apartments were T.Lucas Music/Neptune headquarters. The Neptunes were straight out of high school when they started coming by almost everyday to write music, listen to & talk about music (eat my food & use my phone lol) but I really didn’t mind. They were loaded with raw talent & I was happy to oblige” (quoted from her facebook page).

Tammy and The Neptunes recorded a “Truly Soulful” compilation album for EMI Records in 1997, but the company folded before the album could be released. She also claims that her and The Neptunes have over 35 unreleased songs, that Pharrell plans to release in the future!!! Pharrell left Future Records after a dispute with Teddy over credit for Rumpshaker (which leads me to believe Pharrell did more than just write Teddy’s verse). Chad and Tammy left shortly thereafter, and the 3 of them started working together, big thanks to darrenlaking.


After Show Jam Session With Alyssa Bernal

Alyssa Bernal & Co. had a Jam Session after the Temecula Show.

Bape Store Opening In Shanghai

Yesterday was the grand opening of the BAPE STORE ® store in Shanghai, check out the pics.


Erin Christine – Say feat. Pusha T. (Remix)

Here is a new R&B artist by the name of Erin Christine who has been taking the industry by storm. She is a rising prospect whose talents have already caught the attention of John Legend and HOT 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg. ‘Say‘ was written by Tiffany Star and produced by Erin and Malay. Her debut EP Something Better is slated for a release in the coming months and will be executive produced by music producer, Omen .

Erin Christine – Say feat. Pusha T. (Remix) (10′)


Pusha T. On Bush Singling Out Kanye West

After the overwhelming support Kanye West has received after ex-President George W. Bush cited him for creating one of the lowest points in his career, SOHH hit up G.O.O.D. Music’s Pusha T. for his opinion of the situation.

While voicing support for his boss, Pusha said Bush should have pondered why so many Americans concurred with West’s 2005 Hurricane Katrina remarks. “Me, I’m Pusha, I don’t give a f*ck about what George W. Bush’s lowest point was, ever. I don’t care what he thinks,” Pusha told SOHH.

“And if Ye was his lowest point, then that says a lot about him. The president of the United States of America, I don’t care how he feels emotionally. Listen man, people be getting it f*cked up, man, a lot of what’s said comes from a very honest place and at the end of the day, if anything Ye said made Bush feel some type of way, then you sort of have to look at stuff in its whole perspective. You have to look in the mirror and say, ‘What the f*ck was I doing wrong to make this guy say this and so many people agree with it?'”


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