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December 2010

D.A. Talks Chester French’s 2nd Studio Album

One of the fans asked D.A. when some new Chester French material will be out and this is what D.A. said:

Hey there friends,

I wanted to write back to this message since I’ve been getting a lot of questions and comments about the new album. Max and I started recording last February in Milwaukee at the Burst Collective with our engineer, Dan Stringer, and spent about 5 months intensively working. We then moved out to L.A. and, between there and New York, spent another couple of months tweaking the material. We gave a CD of it all to the label. And then….the waiting game commenced, for us and for all of our amazing supporters, yourself included.

We hope to have an update on when and how the album will come out in the next few weeks, and I promise that I’ll let all of you know right away on this blog, my twitter, the official Chester French blog, and by email if you’re a member of our Concierge Service. We are so grateful for all of you who have continued to support us and stay in-touch while we’ve been “off the grid” during this past year. Your emails, snail mails, tweets, and other kind correspondences have always been incomparable motivation. From snowy Wisconsin, I wish all of you the happiest of holidays!


Can’t wait to hear the new material!


Pharrell Williams Introduces Cris Cab

Grammy Award winning artist Pharrell Williams introduced local Miami musician Cris Cab poolside outside the Fontainebleau’s nightclub, Arkadia. The 17 year-old Miami native, Cab has been writing music for the past three years and is currently recording his first album. His recent performances include multiple venues in and around the Miami area, as well as shows in the Bahamas. Cab cites his Cuban descent and his frequent visits to the Bahamas as part of the inspiration for his unique musical sound, which draws on reggae, as well as hip hop and rap influences. Although new to the scene, Cab graced the stage with confidence and an eagerness to perform. Arkadia guests were quite impressed with this new emerging artist!

Cris Cab – Scandalous


Alyssa Bernal – Grenade (Bruno Mars’ Acoustic Cover)

Asher Roth & Nottz – Gotta Get Up feat. D.A.

Here is a tune off Asher Roth’s and Nottz upcoming project, The Rawth EP called Gotta Get Up featuring D.A. of Chester French. The Rawth EP is set to drop on December 27th, 2010 and according to D.A., he also worked on Asher Roth’s second studio album The Spaghetti Tree , so since The Neptunes have worked with Asher on 11 tracks for the album, D.A. will probably be on one of Neptunes’ tracks (if they make the final cut… lol).

What do ya’ll think? Please reblog and support Nottz and Asher doing a cool independent project with this EP! I did a few other things with Asher for his upcoming album, as well, so hopefully those will see the light in the near future. I still think Asher is a great rapper who is admirably refusing to ride silly trends and is instead pursuing greatness and staying true to himself.

Asher Roth & Nottz – Gotta Get Up feat. D.A.


Common – Come Close (Fanmade Video)

Check out this awesome fanmade video of Common’s Come Close by AngelXStrider dedicated to his girlfriend, that’s pretty sweet (no homo).

Hello everyone, I made this video for my girlfriend’s birthday. She’s partially deaf so the thought of using this song from Common immediately came to mind. I took the concept he did for the video and made it my own by doing a combination of sign language, animation, and typography. I wanted to share this video along with everyone else and I hope you all enjoy watching it.

Common – Come Close (Fanmade Video)

Despicable Me Nominated For Golden Globe

After the Oscar Nominations, Despicable Me has been nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Anmitaed Feature Film according to Although I would love to see Despicable Me to win, but I think Toy Story 3 will win it, you never know though! 68th Annual Golden Globe awards will be held on Sunday, January 16 2010 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC, hosted by comedian Ricky Gervais.

Best Animated Feature Film:
‘Despicable Me’
‘How to Train Your Dragon’
‘The Illusionist’
‘Toy Story 3’


Making Of The CRS – Us Placers Video (2007)

Check out this pics from behind the scenes while making the video for CRS – Us Placers back in 2007 by Vashtie, thanks to MartianSky.


Pharrell Williams & Co. Shortlisted For Best Original Song Oscars

Could this be the hippest Best Original Song category in years? Meh, probably not. Basically, it works like this. If you had an original song in a movie this year, you’re basically on the shortlist (hello Katrina Elam for “Pure Country 2”). Then, the Academy goes through a pretty ridiculous system to determine the nominees (more on that in a second) which results in small handful of final contenders who are all usually from one or two films (get ready for mulitiple nods “Burleseque”!).

So what does that all mean? Well, hopefully we won’t have to deal with Justin Bieber‘s Never Say Never” (featuring Jaden Smith!) from “The Karate Kid” coming near the Kodak Theater, but it also means that good and/or creative songs by worthwhile talent (Beck for “Life During Wartime,” Pharrell‘s tunes for “Despicable Me,” Jonsi‘s Stick & Stones” for “How To Train Your Dragon”) will probably get left in the dust to make room for much more easily digestible fare or familiar names (they might as well just send Randy Newman his invitation now). But we swear to god, if we see that douchebag Owl City step up to a microphone during the Oscar ceremonies, we’re gonna ga’hoole all over our TV screens.

Voting to whittle down the shortlist will begin on January 6th, when the Academy will screen clips featuring each song, in random order, for voting members of the Music Branch in Los Angeles. Following the screenings, members will determine the nominees by an averaged point system vote. If no song receives an average score of 8.25 or more, there will be no nominees in the category. If only one song achieves that score, it and the song receiving the next highest score shall be the two nominees. If two or more songs (up to five) achieve that score, they shall be the nominees. Did you follow all that? Yeah, we didn’t either.

“Alice” from “Alice in Wonderland”
“Forever One Love” from “Black Tulip”
“Freedom Song” from “Black Tulip”
“Bound to You” from “Burlesque”
“Welcome to Burlesque” from “Burlesque”
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” from “Burlesque”
“There’s a Place for Us” from “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”
“Coming Home” from “Country Strong”
“Me and Tennessee” from “Country Strong”
“Despicable Me” from “Despicable Me”
“Prettiest Girls” from “Despicable Me”

“Dear Laughing Doubters” from “Dinner for Schmucks”
“Better Days” from “Eat Pray Love”
“If You Run” from “Going the Distance”
“Darkness before the Dawn” from “Holy Rollers”
“Sticks & Stones” from “How to Train Your Dragon”
“Le Gris” from “Idiots and Angels”
“Chanson Illusionist” from “The Illusionist”
“Never Say Never” from “The Karate Kid”
“To the Sky” from “Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole”
“What If” from “Letters to Juliet”
“Life During Wartime” from “Life During Wartime”
“Made in Dagenham” from “Made in Dagenham”
“Little One” from “Mother and Child”
“Be the One” from “The Next Three Days”
“If I Rise” from “127 Hours”
“When You See Forever” from “The Perfect Game”
“I Remain” from “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”
“Dream Big” from “Pure Country 2: The Gift”
“How I Love You” from “Ramona and Beezus”
“Darling I Do” from “Shrek Forever After”
“Noka Oi” from “Six Days in Paradise”
“This Is a Low” from “Tamara Drewe”
“I See the Light” from “Tangled”
“Rise” from “3 Billion and Counting”
“We Belong Together” from “Toy Story 3”
“Eclipse: All Yours” from “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”
“Nothing” from “Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too”
“A Better Life” from “Unbeaten”
“Shine” from “Waiting for ‘Superman’”
“The Reasons Why” from “Wretches & Jabberers”



Manami – Miss Little Voice, Manami’s Blog

Here is Manami’s latest single called Miss Little Voice (check out the video below) that’s been released on September 22nd in Japan. The CDS include another song called Password, which is available now on iTunes and according to her iTunes site, there is another song available but its written in Japanese and my Japanese isn’t that good but it’s probably the theme song to a Japanese Samurai Series that Manami has been working on, you can check the preview on the trailer here. Manami also started her own blog on her official site with pictures and infos, check out some pics after the jump.

Manami – Miss Little Voice
01 – Miss Little Voice
02 – Password
Pre-order it Here.

Manami – Miss Little Voice

Manami’s Blog



Honor Society – Gentleman After Dark (D.A.) (10′)

According to D.A.’s twitter, he has worked with Honor Society on the tune Gentleman After Dark for their upcoming mixtape, It’s pretty nice, check it out. Honor Society is a pop rock band signed to Jonas Records in affiliation with Hollywood Records. The band released its debut album Fashionably Late on September 15, 2009 debuted at #18 on the Billboard 200.

Honor Society – Gentleman After Dark (D.A.) (10′)


Pharrell Williams Gets ‘Despicable’

Pharrell Williams is well known for producing and performing hit songs, but these days he is also composing for films.

The art of music production comes easy for Pharrell Williams, but the Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and producer met his match when Hollywood came knocking on his door. Williams along with famed Brazilian artist and composer Heitor Pereira (“Curious George,” “It’s Complicated“) scored and wrote the original music for the Universal Pictures/Illumination Entertainment animated feature, “Despicable Me.” Under the guidance of the legendary and Oscar-winning Hans Zimmer, Williams wrote the theme song and several other original pieces in the flick.

The man behind The Neptunes, alt-rock collective N*E*R*D, and a slew of chart-topping hits from the likes of Justin Timberlake to Jay-Z admits that he did feel a bit out of his league in the presence of Zimmer (“The Lion King,” “Gladiator“) and Pereira. “We often, as artists, put a lot of other things around it, such as video or products or ancillary merchandising, whereas with the world that [Hans and Heitor] work with — they are sort of like the fulcrum point of a film,” said the 37-year-old Williams.

Voiced by Steve Carell, Julie Andrews and Russell Brand, “Despicable Me” has grossed over $250 million in U.S. box office receipts to date and Williams music has garnered much praise. From the moody title track to the Steely Dan-esque, “Rocket’s Theme,” Williams makes the transition from producer to composer seem easy. Pharrell is not only a great writer and producer of songs,” said Chris Meledandri, the film’s producer. “He also is a very talented recording artist and performer himself, and the music that he’s writing is just an extraordinary fit with the film.”


Could There Be A Pharrell/Fiat Car In The Works?‏

Pharrell & CEO FIAT North America, Laura Soave. Photo: Marissa Kaiser.

Italians really do do it better. Not only do they know their fine linens and silks, but they know their women, seeing each female designed as a work of art. report on the activities of Art Basel 2010 Miami, in a similar vein, with references noticed to women, neon lights, and even a little escapism (with the special one day art installation located on a little island reachable only by ferry). Meanwhile, back in the lab, FIAT’s Exhibitalia keeps brewing with creativity, with artists Jessy Nite, Gustavo Oviedo, and Italian artist Christian Balza0no all heavy at work designing their FIAT installation-on-a-car pieces.

Stay tuned for videos on these three artists to be featured sometime next week here on Cool guests strolled in and out most of the day to witness the retrospective of Italian photography, paintings and sculpture while snagging an espresso at the FIAT counter, and later the finest in fresh prosciutto hand-sliced by an Italian butcher on site (probably the most sumptuous prosciutto we’ve ever tasted). We repeat, Italians do it better, thanks to Diego.


Swedish House Mafia – One (Your Name) (The Making Of)

This is a clip that shows you how Swedish House Mafia (Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso) created their smash hit One (Your Name) taken from their Documentary Film titled Take One – A Documentary Film About Swedish House Mafia.

Pharrell Shows Off Crib In Miami

For more pics go to

SCR – Work It Out

This is the new video from the group SCR, just signed a deal with Nappy Boy Digital, and recently record their single with T-Pain & Youngfyre. This song “Work It Out” is to the beat from LL Cool J’s “Luv U Better”, and will appear on the upcoming mixtape SCReam, thanks to 85maestro.

SCR – Work It Out

Alyssa Bernal – Grenade (Bruno Mars Cover)

Alyssa Bernal x Young Hollywood Interview

From YouTube sensation to Pharrell protege, Alyssa Bernal has the view meter rising off the charts. She talks about how surreal it was being discovered by such a superstar and the distant places it’s taken her. She also performs her hit single, “Cali, Cali, Cali.” Hosted by RJ Williams.


Clipse Perform Live In Melbourne, Australia

Alyssa Bernal’s Last Recap Of The Smoke & Mirrors Tour

CURT@!N$ x God Bless Us All Video


N*E*R*D x New Zealand Herald Article

“I’m looking at palm trees” N*E*R*D frontman Pharrell Williams tells me, rather dreamily. I’ll have to take his word for it. He could be looking at the entire Florida State cheerleading team doing combination stunts in his hotel room, for all I know. He’s calling from Miami. “It’s beautiful here. You gotta come.” As it happens, he is coming to New Zealand. Later this month, N*E*R*D – Williams, Shay Haley and Chad Hugo – will touch down in Gisborne as the headline act at the three-day Rhythm and Vines festival. It’ll be his first visit to New Zealand and Williams says he’s expecting “a lotta green”. Odds are he’ll be disappointed. By then it’ll be mostly dry and brown. “What I know of it, it’s a beautiful place. There are beautiful people. Good people, man and a lotta culture. That’s where they filmed Lord Of The Rings, correct?” Even if you’ve never heard of Pharrell Williams, you will have heard him.

A multi-award winning producer, for the past two decades Williams has worked with everyone from Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake to Beyonce. According to a 2003 survey, he is said to have been responsible for 43 per cent of the songs played on United States radio. He sings falsetto, a little like Prince. “That’s very nice – but I’m nowhere near as good as that guy. That’s the truth. He’s great.” He would like to collaborate with Prince, though, and also Eminem. “That would be cool. “I still have a lot to do. I would like to work with everybody. Each opportunity is super cool. You learn a lot in the process.” When he’s not producing with Hugo under the moniker The Neptunes, he’s designing for his clothing labels The Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream, collaborating on jewellery designs with Louis Vuitton and furniture designs with some smooth-sounding French outfit, Domeau and Peres. A rolling stone gathers no dross.


Raquelle Gracie Confirms Two Neptunes Tracks On Debut Album

Aaron had the opportunity to talk with former Hope UK-Member Raquelle Gracie where she revealed that The Neptunes have 2 tracks on her debut album which is due next year. She didn’t say much other than they have 2 tracks on her album.
Q: I’m a huge Neptunes fan (that’s how i found out about you) What was it like working with them for your debut? How many songs did you record? and what are they called? cheeky 3 questions in one.
A: Haha great questions…it was amazing working with them. Pharrell and Chad are super duper talented and so down to earth. We recorded 2 songs and I cant telll u what they are called just yet 😉 Xx

Raquelle Gracie – 1st Studio Album (2011)
* 2 Tracks

T. I. Says Pharrell Asked Him To Vent On ‘Get Back Up’

‘I just need you to get those same sentiments, those same feelings on a record,’ Tip recalls the producer telling him. It’s no secret that T. I. is experiencing a difficult time in his career. The Atlanta rapper was on the cusp of releasing his comeback album, then titled King Uncaged, following a one-year prison stint when he was arrested once again. Tip was sentenced to 11 months for violating his parole and shipped back to the same Arkansas facility he’d just left. But through it all, the MC found inspiration for the track “Get Back Up” from his now-titled No Mercy album. “Yeah, ‘Get Back Up,’ produced by Pharrell of The Neptunes, one of the most passionate, genuine, artistic guys that I’ve met in the game and has had a hand in my movement since my very first album,” T. I. said. “He was one of the first big producers to work with me.”

Tip said the pair reconnected and were recording for his then-forthcoming seventh LP when disaster struck. “Prior to my arrest, we had done about three or four songs, considerably hot records, some of which you’ll definitely be hearing on this project,” T. I. said during our exclusive “RapFix Live” interview. “But … I left out the studio, and the next day, I go to jail, or I get arrested, which took me in a whole ‘nother, different direction. “When all of these things started coming to pass, Pharrell called me like, ‘Hey, man, somebody somewhere is trying to tell you something,’ and I’m like, ‘Yeah, you know, that may be,’ ” the MC continued. “Then we had a conversation at length about how I felt about the media’s portrayal of my circumstances. And he said, ‘You know what? That’s what you need to say in a song.’ And I say, ‘Man, I ain’t talking about no music right now, P.’ And he say, ‘But that’s what they wanna hear, that’s what you need to tell ’em.

Just ride with me on this. I’mma get it to you, and I just need you to get those same sentiments, those same feelings on a record.’ I said, ‘All right, man, give it to me.’ “It didn’t take the talented producer long to craft a beat perfect for Tip’s emotions. “So it might’ve been a week or two later, he called me and it might’ve been at 4 o’clock in the morning, like, ‘I got it!’ ” T. I. recalled. “I immediately heard the potential, I immediately heard that this was a special record, a personal record, a statement record … and one that could be delivered with humility and not as defensive as it may sound in conversation if I said it.”


T. I. – Get Back Up feat. Chris Brown

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Remixes) (2010)

The much anticipated remixes of N*E*R*D and Daft Punk’s collaboration “Hypnotize U” dropped today on iTunes featuring remixes by Alex Metric, Dirty South, Nero, Steve Duda & Pete Tong, get it now on iTunes.

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Alex Metric Remix)

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Dirty South Remix)

N*E*R*D – Hypnotize U (Nero Remix)


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