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Here is another mixtape by a young beatmaker that goes by the name Artem from Germany, who made a complete mixtape dedicated to The Neptunes which is titled ‘Planet Neptunes’, here is what he said about the tape. “I hope you guys enjoy the free music that i’m giving away, i really put some time into this project. Some of the instrumentals are already on my YouTube, but it’s still worth to listen to them, because all tracks on the mixtape are mixed/mastered and slightly different to the ones on YouTube. Since it’s my first project i need you guys to support my music. Tweet it to your favourite artists on Twitter, submit the mixtape to your favourite blogs, tell your friends about it, I appreciate everyone who’s supporting.”

Artem – Planet Neptunes (2012)

  1. Welcome To Planet Neptunes
  2. Takeoff
  3. What’s Your Name
  4. Billionaire Boys Rocket
  5. Up In The Sky
  6. Yessurrr
  7. Shake That
  8. Inside The Brain
  9. Back In ’03
  10. Imagination
  11. Open Your Eyes
  12. Still Here
  13. Cloud 73
  14. Virginia Beach
  15. Flight Back Home
  16. She Took It Off
  17. Out Of Their Minds
  18. In Search Of The Old Days
  19. Exploding Thoughts
  20. Tonight
  21. Reminiscing

Total Size: 129,69MB
You can get the whole mixtape at