479821153Yung Joc recently shared a story with DJ Smallz about passing on a beat made by Pharrell, which was later picked up by Jay-Z for ‘Blue Magic’. The Atlanta emcee explained that he got in the studio with Pharrell, who played him a beat that he wasn’t quite feeling. Joc said that Diddy joined them for the session, along with Jay-Z, who instantly fell in love with the beat.

The “Features” emcee said everyone in the studio was vibing over the beat, which Jay said he would love to have if Yung Joc wasn’t going to use it. After thinking that Jay and Pharrell were in on a clever ploy to get him to take the beat, Yung Joc said he ultimately passed it to Jay. Fast forward a few months and the Atlanta spitter heard the beat on “Blue Magic,” and you can check out his full reaction below.

Jay-Z – Blue Magic (Official Video) (2007)