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Club Chrissie – Nails By Regina New Year’s Special


Regina Rodriguez is one of the biggest nail artists on Instagram—she has over 130K followers! Get your own DIY nail art lesson from “Nails by Regina” in this week’s episode of Club Chrissie as she makes custom New Year’s Eve themed nails for Chrissie.


  1. The kit retails for $129 and contains 3 shades of polish, a base coat, a top coat, a salon nail care kit, a zippered carrying case, a UV lamp and an instructional DVD. The manufacturer promises “easy application,” a “2-minute dry time that results in diamond-hard nails,” “a 3-week hold that continues to look fresh until you take it off,” and “no smearing, chipping, smudging, or scratching off — ever.” Did they nail it with this one? We want to know! 7 FOFs will test this at-home gel manicure kit.

  2. The way this operates is the pink is the base portion of your nail.

    Even if don’t go for rainbow colors, it’s worth applying a little nail polish
    to strengthen nails and help them retain their natural moisture.
    The intuitive feeling I had about the rainbow trend must
    have been right.

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