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Game Gets A Tattoo Of Star Trak Entertainment, Game Completes Nine Tunes With The Neptunes


Game Tattoo
Update: December 10th
Game was able to complete over nine recordings within the first few days of working with Pharrell Williams. The Game’s R.E.D. Album is due in stores February 16.


Update: December 9th

Wow, It looks like Game fell in love with The Neptunes & Co and does this mean he’s gonna get signed to Star Trak Entertainment, haven’t we been down this road before? Game recently showed his loyalty to The Neptunes by tattooing his logo on his forearm. Pharrell’s gonna take my career to the next level, keep me ’hood and cross me over at the same time by executive producing my album, so that’s how I show my loyalty,” Game told of his new tat. “Pharrell is my friend. We’ve created a work bond and established a friendship. Star Trak is gonna make me money in the future—that logo, that brand, that man helping me. That’s something that’s gonna put milk in my refrigerator and help me feed my kids, keep them in private school, and keep them doing what they do.”


Game Tattoo 2Game Tattoo 3


  1. Right under the G Unit tat, LOL

  2. Hi

    A couple of random requests.

    Requests Pharrell & Shay (The Neptunes) on the Late Lick MTV in 2002 an interview with Trevor Nelson.

    Footage of Pharrell in the studio with Snoop making Drop It Like Its Hot

    I implore anyone whose considers themselves a Neptunes fan to tell me where they can find these. The first one is like Goldust.

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