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Kenna / Make sure they see my face


Kenna / Make sure they see my face I have just received my Kenna CD / Make sure they see my face, go buy it, it is an awesome album!

Je viens tout juste de recevoir mon album de Kenna / Make sure they see my face, c’est un super album, il faut l’acheter ! Je l’ai payé 10 euros, frais de port inclus, reçu en 3 jours.


  1. Pharrell & Teddy Riley Go ‘Ego Trippin’ With Snoop Dogg

  2. &
    Faith Evans—Maybe—Neptunes or not?

  3. yea it’s a dope-ass album :D

  4. Hey Happy New Year!!
    Yeah! That’s one of the greatest CD ever
    Good Work Chad Hugo! (mostly)
    Does anyone have Take It Back from The Neps’ or P.E 2000 Neptunes’ remix from Diddy?


    The Doggfather isn’t too sure what the next single will be from his upcoming album, Ego Trippin’, but he has a couple of choices. One of them is “Sets Up,” one of two Neptunes-produced tracks he’s thinking about putting out as singles.

  6. So…should I leave my comment in french onr in english?? Because Jean-Luc, you left a comment on my blog but without saying anything! Just your website’s link! Anyway your blog is very good, lot of news, do you think that I should translate my blog too?

  7. this is some buzz that I am doing, to get more french readers, but a lot of french neptunes fan cannot read of write english, my girlfriend first, so… I was thinking about translating my website content, but it is taking me some time, and it is not good for google robots…

  8. Some french may post their comments in english…like me lol ^^

  9. I can translate news into Russian. =)))

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