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Merry Christmas Everyone !


What’s Up People ! Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year To Everyone !
Here Is A Lil’ Present From Me To Y’all. I Hope Y’all Like It !
-> Vanessa Marquez – If You Keep On Askin’ (02’) (Neptunes) (MP3)

Allright, since i leaked the Vanessa Marquez record, Vanessa has put it on her myspace site saying it’s a “TO BE ANNOUNCED” record coming 2008 and it’s produced by J.R., well.. i was getting that record from the studio back in 2003 and they said it’s produced by Chad Hugo with J.R. on the vocals, It’s not even the final version but I don’t know why Vanessa Marquez gives credits to J.R.

Happy Holidays By Pharrell !
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  1. Can u leak Eve’s ” All Night Long”, as well as her other Neptunes Tracks. Also, what is the name of the new Rick Ross and Pharrell track?

  2. Can u post Kenna’s song, “Rockaway Life”?

  3. John i dont have those eve tunes right now .. that rick ross neptunes track is yet to be titled
    Kay check out the forum

  4. I think the Ross track is titled ‘FLY TO COLOMBIA”

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