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Robin Thicke – Tie My Hands


This is the track from Lil’ Wayne’s Tha Carter III, edited Wayne out cuz that shyt sounds horrible with Wayne produced by Robin Thicke.

Robin Thicke – Tie My Hands
YouTube Preview Image


  1. yea, fuck lil wayne

  2. is wayne just going to keep rapping over robin thicke songs on every album?

  3. Tie My Hands is a well-crafted and pure song. The purity in the lyrics and the simplicity in the music makes it a timeless piece. It is sad that most people cannot recognize the beauty in a song these days. The dummer most songs are the more people like them. The version with Robin is exceptional which goes to show it is just a magnificent song; however, Lil Wayne added depth to the song which makes it a more preferrable version. By the way, I am a HUGE Robin Thicke fan.

  4. Sorry, but i DO think the weezy version is da bomb, if u just listen to the lyrics you would admit how sincere the song is. I think there should be a version w/o weezy so you could see that the song looks like an outro song… & trust me i am a big fan of r. thicke! Enjoy the wokd of these 2 artists.

  5. To all you haters who don’t know real music need to shut the fuck up!!!!!! Most of you all just listen to the beat of a song instead of listening to the lyrics to find the true meaning of a song.

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