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the clipse score deal with sony music


According to, the Clipse officially made a deal with Sony Music. Entire article right here.


  1. Hey Jean-Luc,
    do you know this site:
    It’s a great site for Timbaland fans, I think it would be great if you could model your site after theirs a bit (content-wise).

    Most importantly, I think, you should display your Email address somewhere or provide a contact form, this way people can email you all the information about new tracks etc.

    Your site is already really good (and great looking!) but there is much room for even more improvement I think.
    Thanks, John

  2. Yes, I understand, I will have a new editor for the news soon, I don’t have so much time to spend on this website… And I used to put my e-mail address, but a lot of people used to ask for mp3′s.. A dozen a day, so.. But a contact form is a good idea, I will think about this. Thanks John. I still have a lot of improvement ideas, but time, time time.

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