Clipse has entered the fashion industry with the recent launch of their own clothing brand, Play Cloths, after years of promoting apparel from other popular designers. Pusha T. and Malice have teamed up with designer Doug Life to develop a signature line of denim jeans, jackets, hoodies, and other street-themed wear. “…It’s based around the idea of when clothes were collectables which fuses urban and rock-influenced styles. It represents youth and influence…”

Clipse, who have become the unofficial poster-boys for the Japanese-based clothing brand A Bathing Ape (BAPE), will be joining Pharrell in the fashion world. Play Cloths will be featured at the annual MAGIC Trade Show Expo in February, hosted in Las Vegas. Clipse are also working on their third studio album, expected to drop in the summer.

-> Eve – Fantasy feat. Robin Thicke (Live @ MTV) (MP3) (Thx To Molly)

-> Pleasure P. – Party All Night feat. Slim Thug & B. Mac (MP3)

Solange Knowles & Amerie Are Working With Neptunes !

Solange Knowles, Beyonce’s younger sister, recently signed to Geffen Records and plans to release her sophomore album, “Hadley Street Dreams,” in the second quarter of 2008. Knowles is currently in the studio in Los Angeles, recording the follow-up to 2003’s Solo Star,” via Columbia.
“…It’s a touch of retro with beautiful R&B songs and influences of early Natalie Cole and Carole King, I’m crazy about the Pharrell Williams’ record that we recently finished, called ‘I Decided.’ We’re finishing the album now…”

Although Amerie’sBecause I Love” It was released months ago overseas, she is going to release “Crush” as a single and is also going back into the studio with The Neptunes to create some new music for the US released of the album.

Robin Thicke Article !

“…Championing blue-eyed R&B/soul alongside Timberlake were two new ambassadors: Amy Winehouse and Robin Thicke. Thicke by far leaves the deepest impression among R&B/hip-hop fans, netting nods as Top R&B/Hip-Hop Artists-Male, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Airplay for “Lost Without You.” Thicke also left his soulful imprint on adult R&B listeners, topping the Hot Adult R&B Artists rankings and Hot Adult R&B Songs…”

Natasha Ramos Talking About New Album ! [youtube][/youtube]

The Hives Talking About Working With Pharrell !

“…I couldn’t imagine it being easier than it was. When they record it, he just plays on his synthesizer and comes up with something, then you just play the same octave. You have it in your headphones and you can pretty much play the same stuff…figure out if it’s doable. He has the keyboard so he has more keys you can go down. It was interesting. Pharrell did totally different stuff. It’s more like the beat, or the idea what the beat was, that he was doing something bass-oriented for the swing of the song.

What happened, he had one song idea done already when we came in.
And then we recorded that. And then, he’s a jazz musician, he used totally different chords and notes than I would have played. It turned out great, and really quick. He just did the song on the keyboard and just played it once and recorded it like, “Oh, this is how we should go.” Then you just had a couple of minutes to check it out for yourself. How did you play that? I have to think of something else, then we just re-do it…”


According To Matty from the Forum, who bought a copy of Bow Wow’s & Omarions CD in Australia, the record “Baby Girl” isn’t produced by The Neptunes (THANK GOD), it’s by L.T Hutton !

There is a new Lookbook of BBC Season 6 out.

*BBC Season 6 Lookbook

Mary J. Blige’s “Till The Morning” Review !

“…The Neptunes-produced “Till The Morning,” for example, sounds like a parody of ’70s soul-style bedroom anthems, its pillow talk a touch too heavy on the saccharine…”

Mario – Go Review !
“…Opening up both albums is the title track, “Go” which was a terrible choice to be honest. The beat is very redundant and since provided by The Neptunes, it has a very typical feel of what they usually put out. The song itself features some profanity and it feels out of place and forced, ultimately coming off as an uninspired and poor song. Added to this is the fact that the song is about wanting to f*** a girl without strings attached and we’re off to a great start…”

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