Talking About “Dat Missle” !

“…There were songs that people were still asking about, so I kept a few from the old album. Some of them we couldn’t get rid of. Like “No Time 4 No’s“, was on the first album. I run into a lot of people on the streets like yo whatever happened to “Ambulance?” There were certain records like that that I just couldn’t get rid of. And if I felt like that about them then I kept them for this album to really make it complete. For production I got The Neptunes of course. DJ Toomp. We got Shorty Red. One of the features I’m most excited about is the one with Jadakiss, “Mr. Treat Your Nose.” I got B.G. on a song and David Banner on a song called “Ten Toes Down” and Three Six Mafia…”

Talking About Meeting Pharrell & Star Trak Camp !

“…Pharrell’s brother and I used to stay in the same neighborhood. So it wasn’t like someone introduced me to him. Pharrell used to come out there to see his family, me and him used to hang out. He was talking about music back then. He was the only one who really talked about music. Like I said if you told people you want to rap they’d be like ‘Are you crazy man?’ You can spend the money on the keyboard; I’m going to get the Jordans. But now trying to rap makes a lot more sense…”

Talking About “Da Beeper Record” !

“…I was flying to L.A. to record with Three Six Mafia and my album was done. That was the last record we recorded. And nobody heard the finished version but me. Pharrell hadn’t heard it. So Pharrell’s assistant played it in the studio while I was gone and everybody went crazy. And you gotta go with what the bosses want. But I like the record I didn’t think of it as the first single but I like the record. Hype Williams did it. It came out great. The first one we shot in Virginia and it didn’t really come out right. It just didn’t feel right. It’s wild how things work out because we worked with Hype on the second joint in Miami. Three full days of shooting and the last day Hype was like let’s get some shots in Virginia so we came back home and got the last ones. So I got Hype Williams to do the video and we got to film back home in Virginia…”


Pharrell Williams & Pharrell Rohff In The Studio (2003) !


-> Pharrell Rohff – Where’s Yours At feat. Pharrell (03′) (MP3)

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