The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz – What’s That Sound (VLS) (2000)

lord-tariq-peter-gunz.jpgWe finally got our hands on the Rare Vinyl of What’s That Sound by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz thanks to DJ Ovadose aka O.D. for the Rip, but we still need that What’s That Sound (Remix) feat. Angie Martinez.

->What’s That Sound (VLS) (2000)

01 – What’s That Sound (Original Clean Mix)
02 – What’s That Sound (Original Xtra Clean Mix)
03 – What’s That Sound (Original Street Mix)
04 – What’s That Sound (N.Y.C. Clean Mix)
05 – What’s That Sound (N.Y.C. Street Mix)
06 – What’s That Sound (Instrumental)

*What’s That Sound feat. Angie Martinez (Remix)

Natasha Ramos & Ab Liva have been featured on the new Tangled Thoughts album called Philly 2 Cali !

-> Tangled Thoughts – Chedda Chasin’ feat. Ab Liva (MP3)

-> Tangled Thoughts – Take U Home feat. Natasha Ramos (MP3)

Here Is Sergio Veneno’s Neptunes collaboration ripped from the XBAR in NY for his upcoming album and his Mixtape “I Can Get It For You

Sergio Veneno @ XBAR

-> Sergio Veneno – I Can Get It 4 U feat. Pharrell (Live @ XBAR) (MP3)

-> Sergio Veneno – I Can Get It For You Mixtape Vol 1 (2007)
(There Are No Neptunes Tracks On The Mixtape)

01 – Todo Latinos
02 – Q Lo Q
03 – Traffico feat. Noreaga
04 – Noche De Guerra
05 – Meneate
06 – Soy Un Gangsta feat. Noreaga
07 – Criminal
08 – La Hara
09 – Honry
10 – Te Johdiste
11 – The Movement
12 – Hablame De Ti
13 – Tranaslation
14 – D.R. 2 P.R.
15 – That’s It That’s Right Ma
16 – Hop On My Dirty feat. Fabolous
17 – Toma

9th Wonder Is Talking About Pharrell ! patrick-douthit.jpg

“…I’ve always been a fan of Pharrell, and I like Danjahandz a lot too. I like a lot of producers, because they don’t do what I do. I like them to do them. And I’ve found out through the grapevine and what DJ Toomp has said about me, and what other producers have said about me is that they like me to be me. If I listen to 9th I want 9th to do 9th, that’s why I listen to 9th. Right? “I don’t want 9th to do me, and I’m not going to do 9th.” Know what I’m saying?…”

“…I met Pharrell one time in Miami, and it was my first time ever meeting him. He didn’t know who I was, then I told him and he was like: “Man I love your stuff” “Like; I love it!” “I love your stuff!” And that meant a lot to me because I don’t have to appease anybody else, know what I’m saying. Especially a producer like Pharrell, he me loves me for me, and likewise. I wanna hear those electronic sounds, and him singing. I wanna hear that from Pharrell. I wanna hear him grow, because every producer has to grow, but I still want to hear him in that lane, know what I’m saying. That’s what I like…”

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