self-assignment-17.jpgPharrell Williams angrily defended Snoop Dogg at Monday’s (25Feb08’) Hip Hop Summit Action Awards, blasting critics of his marijuana use. Snoop Dogg was caught in possession of the drug in New York last week (20Feb08′) and was only recently allowed back into the U.K. after a ban from entering the country because of his drug use. But at the ceremony to honour the star, Pharrell asked Snoop’s detractors to consider the charity work he does, particularly helping kids from underprivileged backgrounds.

dooooogg.jpg“People criticise Snoop. Why on earth would we condemn him for that? The next time they start attacking a legend, even if it’s because he smokes, I say, ‘So what? Willie Nelson smokes a lot of pot, and people only talk about the good he does.’ “When they come down on Snoop, remind everyone about all the positive things he does.” Said Pharrell. Snoop himself torpedoing Pharrell’s good intentions by making a rolling papers joke before claiming to be mentoring 2,500 kids by proxy in his after-school football program, because the pimp-turned-televised family man is for the children.


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