clipse_wallpaper1.jpgFans of Hip-Hop inspired fashions may get a glimpse at the Clipse’s new label Play Cloths as early as this summer. The line, which was originally scheduled to preview at the February edition of the Magic Marketplace Fashion and Apparel Trade Show in Las Vegas, will now make it’s debut at the Show in late August. “…Right now it’s in the development stages, We just left Magic in Vegas, I think we’ll be showing at Magic in August…”

First announced in late December, an official description of the line defines it as having a classic style, specifically designed with a rare urban appeal. It is said to be a “blend of American style, with the French Riviera and Monte Carlo uses of rich, vibrant primary colors to create collectible garments. “…The new clothing line, created with the help of designer Doug Life, is inspired by a time when the most wanted fashion pieces were not accessible to the everyday fan…”

2.jpg“…I think a lot of what’s going on now in clothing, especially a lot of s**t we have been a part of, it’s real boutique oriented and that s**t is cool. It’s exclusive or whatever. But I came from a time, and these were all street guys I looked up to, and it was nothing like being 11 and 12 going to the mall with my mom. And they in back, in the middle rack up against the wall, buying the expensive s**t. And I couldn’t get that, but you seen the girls looking at that playa, you seen all that. And it’s all about trying to recreate the whole feeling of trying to get that fly s**t…”

“…That must-have and making sure every piece is a collectible and timeless, Like, you still want to wear some of that vintage Polo Snow Beach shit right now. You still want to and that’s what it’s about. It’s the whole lifestyle and everything that comes with Play Cloths, even down to the name…” No word yet on when Play Cloths will be available in stores or a price point for the new line.

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