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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

A Sneakpeek On Thicke’s New Album “Something Else”

hhh.jpgSince our first attempt at Sneak Peek received a lot of good feed back, I thought why not try it again. Back for another round, Sound Off’s Sneak Peek is bringing you inside the studio for an exclusive preview of Robin Thicke’s new album, “Something Else” .

An up-tempo number driven by a tantalizing bass line, Thicke’s feel good plea of receiving love from his significant other will not only put you and yours on the dance floor, but will also provide you with an old school type of confidence your parents were once accustom to!

Accompanied with a barrage of horns and an assortment of congas, Magic propels the image of what seems like an inside look at the perfect relationship he and his wife, Paula Patton, posses!

Dream World
Painting the perfect atmosphere of what HIS world would consist of, the mellow and melodic tune will initiate the thought process of your very own Dream World! Whether it’s an interracial couple walking down the dirt roads of Mississippi, or informing Van Gough he’s missed, Robin covers all corners.

Sweetest Love
Describing a type of love that couldn’t get any sweeter, Thicke’s approach to this subject could easily be pegged as a female favorite. I for one will have this song on repeat when in the presence of my significant other.

Mr. Loverman
Any female who’s listened to at least one song from Robin’s catalogue probably wonders how the R&B vet fairs as a lover. But since he’s married, you’ll have to do one of two things; listen to this song or just ask his wife Paula Patton. And since a majority of you are equipped with common sense; I’m sure you’ll be listening to the song.

Robin Thicke – Something Else (2008) (TBA)
– SideStep
– Magic
– Dream World
– Sweetest Love
– Mr. Loverman

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