The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Booker No Longer With Ice Cream

kevin-booker.jpgKevin Booker is no longer apart of “Ice Cream Skate Team” According to his Myspace bulletin. To all my fans and friends here on myspace. I’m officially informing you that i am no longer with Team Ice Cream. I am sorry if i am letting any Ice Cream Fans down and i promise to all of you i am going to come through on my skateboard regardless. Things aren’t working out with us and in reality i feel as if i need to focuse more on the CORE side of skateboarding instead of this hollywood theme that has been going on end all be all i am a core skateboarder and the people i am affiliated with are all backing me on this situation.

I love Pharrell to death and the whole team Terry, Cato, Jake, Anthony, Jimmy, Evan i wish you all the BEST of luck and greatness with the company and i will for EVER be here for you guys because we’re always going to be family and for my Fans and Ice Cream Fans.  Iam sorry my website will be launching soon April 20th and yes Ice Cream will be represented in the situation. I’m still with Alien Workshop and Orisue and Diamond Venture and Kid Robot.

I’m not trying to start drama here or some Big ass or Deal because i am not on some “fuck ice cream” tip at all, I love all of them to death and wish Ice Cream the best of luck in their future plans and hope to god they survive. Sorry if this is a let down and i will promise all of you here on my friends list that i am going to come stronger then EVER this year, so stick with me. coming april 20th this year. I’ve been working on that site with me and my camp for a LONG time now and things will be good. Take care god bless and much love KB.

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