The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Chester French In Rolling Stone & Some Interviews

ches-french.jpgRolling Stone Article
“Job prospects for Ivy league grads being what they are, Harvard alums Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach decided to choose a solid career with a future. “Rock Star” sounded promising. While their classmates were busy interviewing with Goldman Sachs, singer Wallach and multi-instrumentalist Drummey camped out in their dorm’s basement studio, recording their demo, Love The Future — a collection of pop songs with Brian Wilson melodies, early-Beck humor and synth beats. “People” celebrates romance with suburban cougars over digital-crisp surf pop; another sunny ode is titled simply “The Jimmy Choo’s.” “We tried to bring the visceral production elements you find in hip-hop and inject those into really white music,” says Wallach.

Confident they’d achieved this fusion, the duo sent their demo to “anyone in the music industry I could find contact info for,” says Wallach. It found its way to Kanye West and later to Pharrell Williams, who signed Chester French to his Star Trak imprint last year. When the duo moved to L.A. after graduation, Pharrell advised them to stay focused. “He said, ’Don’t get in the scene, don’t be Lindsay Lohan. Making music: That’s your job right now.’ As they finish the studio version of their demo for a summer release, the new hirees are touring with N¤E¤R¤D , meeting Busta Rhymes and hanging out with their gym-toned new fans. “Out here, from a physical standpoint, the women are pretty amazing,” says Wallach. So far, the company perks aren’t bad.”
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Elle Girl Magazine Interview

A couple boys get together while studying at Haaaahvard and make an album, send it around to some bigwigs, and wait. “Once the record was finished, we sent it around to everyone we could get it to. And did that for 9 or 10 months. And, mainly, we walked into closed doors, you know what I mean? No one was interested. And then Kanye, Pharrell, and Jermaine Dupri within about a week and a half all really wanted to do something,” says Maxwell Drummey. Read on for my interview with these charmingly sarcastic musical prodigies, and catch ’em on the tour they’re about to go on with N¤E¤R¤D-Holly.

Chester French At The Hotel San Jose Courtyard
ELLEgirl: Has this sudden success freaked you out?
Drummey: You’re in the dorm room one day and then you’re with Jermaine Dupri in Atlanta.
ELLEgirl: What do your parents think?
D.A.: They’re happy – they don’t have to pay for us! We’re not living with them. Until that happens, they’re cool.
ELLEgirl: Did you graduate school?
D.A.: We graduated in June.
ELLEgirl: What were your early influences?
Drummey: A lot of Outkast. Love Outkast. Old stuff too, everything from Les Paul to female singers, Dusty Springfield, Beatles, Led Zepplin, everything we could get our hands on. We both played jazz in high school.
ELLEgirl: How did you get the name? From David Chester French?
D.A.: Yeah, we thought it sounded cool. Almost as cool as we are.
ELLEgirl: Modest, too!
D.A.: I am the most modest guy ever.
ELLEgirl: It can easily go to your head, when you have hip-hop bigwigs –
D.A.: And also when you’re this modest, because you kind of get reminded of how much humbler you are than other people. Even if your grammar isn’t perfect.
ELLEgirl: How long did you work on the album?
Drummey: We worked on the album for three years. You listen to a song and it’s going to have four or five keyboard parts, guitar, bass, drums, and everything, and there’s only two of us.
D.A.: And we didn’t know how to record a piano, how to record drums. You make mistakes and it gives it character a lot of times.
ELLEgirl: When you had to finally perform, was it crazy [their first show ever was this week]?
Drummey: Nah, because I can play all the instruments at once. I’m a one man band.
Maxwell: We have a band. We’ve been a band for a month, with the other guys. We’re not over-rehearsed.
ELLEgirl: Are you surprised you have fans?
D.A.: Well, I’m pretty used to everyone loving me everywhere I go, because I’m beautiful, so it’s like, it’s a blessing and a curse. A beast and a burden. But also a blessing. Noooo, I mean, we’re surprised to the extent that we have the ability now to reach a lot of people.
Drummey: I’m surprised that people like our music when we haven’t put our album out yet! Chester French’s album in June or September.

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