the-neptunes-common.jpgMoviesOnline sat down recently with Common at the Los Angeles press day to talk about his new Movie “Street Kings,” the new cop thriller directed by David Ayer (“Training Day,” “Harsh Times”) based on a story by acclaimed novelist James Ellroy and his new Album “Invincible Summer”.

“… Oh yeah, some new shifts. Actually the new album is called *Invincible Summer* and it will be out in the later part of June. I guess the new shift is just the music sounds newer. It’s really developing. I’m really happy about it. It feels good. It’s not really heavy and it’s Pharrell from The Neptunes and The Neptunes are producing a lot of it. And also a producer named Mr. DJ who did a lot of work for Outkast, did Bombs Over Baghdad and Ms. Jackson. Anyway, these cats are really giving me some new, fresh sounds and I’m taking it somewhere vocally that I haven’t been before. I’m enthused. I’m really excited. I think it’ll be a great summer album, like for people to feel good. I want to make people smile and enjoy life. As much as I want to make them think, it’s important that they smile too… “

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