polo.jpgAfter being accused of using preset music software to produce his six-figure beats, Atlanta producer Polow Da Don spoke with SOHH exclusively to clear up those allegations, while also responding to rumors that he’s behind recent Beyoncé leaks. A YouTube video sparked an uproar Thursday over Usher’s #1 hit Love In This Club,” which was produced and co-written by Polow. In the short video, watch here an unidentified young man plays a snippet of “Love In This Club,” then demonstrates two presets from Apple’s GarageBand program which sound nearly identical to the track — instantly threatening the credibility of one of hip-hop’s hottest producers.

rooobin.jpg“That’s not where I got them from, but they’re definitely in there,” Polow said of the sounds used in “Love In This Club,” telling SOHH he had yet to view the YouTube video. “There’s this keyboard I have that a lot of sounds come in.” Polow noted that the song contains a live bassline and that Robin Thicke was enlisted to play piano on the record. “If a ten-year-old can make ‘Love In This Club’ and save Usher’s career and make black women want to f*ck him again, after they was done with him for getting married, then sh*t he’s a genius just like me,” Polow said. “I also wrote the hook – that’s not a preset.”

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