madonna2.jpgIn case you didn’t realize, Madonna really wants you to dance: Two songs – the opening track “Candy Store” and “Beat Goes On” – include overt calls to “get up off your seat,” as she sings on the latter track, bolstered by The Neptunes’ production and West’s rapping.

Heartbeat (Neptunes)
“Workin’ up a sweat/ that’s what music’s for,” Madonna sings on “Heartbeat,” the pumped-up fourth song on Hard Candy, her latest album, due April 29. The pop diva makes good on her promise – singing her way through an hour of Euro-flavored dance tracks infused with retro, house beats. got an early listen – and here are five fast facts about Madonna’s latest:

Spanish Lesson (Neptunes)
On “Spanish Lesson,” produced by The Neptunes, Madonna does, in fact, go bilingual, offering loose translations of phrases like, “Entiendo,” which she says means, “I get it,” over a funked-up flemenco guitar riff. (Literal translation: “I understand.”) 

Beat Goes On feat. Kanye West (Neptunes)
Kanye West offers a fast-paced rap on “Beat Goes On,” the eighth track, breathlessly rapping, “I think I’m going to try something new.”

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