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The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Slim Thug Plans To Be Off Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope

slim-thug.jpgSlim Thug Plans To Be Off Of Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope Within The Week. After his generally well-received debut Already Platinum only went gold, Slim Thug was not pleased. After all, the Houston rapper was able to sell, on a consistent basis, hundreds of thousands of records by himself throughout the South — before signing to a major.”I thought it should have went way farther,” he had said, in a 2006 interview with MTV News.

“I was an independent artist that did all the work myself. Once I signed a major deal, I kind of felt like, ‘I’m signed to a major label, oh, they gonna do all the work now.’ “The rapper sat down again with MTV News to discuss what has come of these revelations. According to Slim Thug, he plans to be off of Star Trak/Geffen/Interscope by the end of the week, and plans to release his next solo project independently.

“If I’m supposed to be the muthafucking boss, then I should be putting my [own] shit out,” he said.”I sat down with the general manager. Really, I just sat down and told them, ‘Y’all over here don’t understand the type of music I do, and y’all hold me back while y’all trying to get your situation together. I ain’t really got that time to sit on the sideline while you do this. Let me pay y’all. Y’all gave me all this money. Listen, I’ll give y’all some money off the new album.'” He continued, “I just can’t sit on the sideline while they do their sh–. He sat down with [Interscope Chairman] Jimmy Iovine, and we all came up with something we could all agree with. It ain’t no hard feelings.

“His upcoming album title now seems all-too appropriate – Boss of All Bosses. “It’s gonna be different. You gonna hear a lot more Houston records,” says Slim Thug of the new album. “The feedback I got from my fans [about the] last album was that they wanted to hear a lot more Houston records. So I worked with people out of Houston, a bunch of producers I came up with. I did, like, 30 songs with these cats, so I really got the album done. I’m gonna get, like, two from Pharrell Williams and maybe work with a few other big producers, but keep it Houston.”Also coming up for Slim Thug is a project from Tha Boss Hogg Outlawz, who are releasing their second project through Koch Records.

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