nerds.jpgYou actually get the sense, from the quick shot scene with Lindsay Lohan and her visible irritation, that Chad and Pharrell actually caught her with cam in hand on her way back from powdering her nose at a club. Don’t ask us how they managed to get her to sign a waiver, but put it this way: popping up in a video about “All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom” with 100 dollar bills (look at you! achoo) the same month as taking a turn for the wholesome with image rehab via Ugly Betty guest starring stint is like Britney celebrating her How I Met Your Mother quasi-buzz in a stoned YouTube with K-Fed relapse.

08-79.jpgBut Lohan factors into just a sec of the video, the rest is a more general strain of hipster Olympics. (Autostart warning, N.E.R.D.S.) We dug the single’s double-bass/sax verse from day one, and N¤E¤R¤D’s taking that teeming energy transformation for what it’s worth, mixing quick cuts of Cobrasnake fodder with beats from that new hyphy-styled dance posse that Pharrell brought to Letterman.

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