c38a4112-7fb0-49c0-8c6f-2b6ffbd29bf3.jpgDue to a weak response to the first single and iffy reviews of the pre-release, From A Planet Called Harlem (which “was supposed to” come out later this month) has been delayed indefinitely, now looking likely for a 2009 release. Almost all of the tracks that were recorded for the album (which was in fact finished some time ago) are being scrapped and they’re going back in to redo the album.

The good news is that one of the main issues for people who heard the current version of the album was a lack of involvement from The Neptunes, which likely means that she’ll end up working more with Pharrell than was originally planned. I don’t know what that’ll materialize into, of course, but there’s certainly a desire on everyone’s part to get much more Neptunes on the new version. Either way, don’t expect to hear the album for awhile. I’d bet that the old version will end up getting leaked out in the next few weeks though. Thanks To 30th Century Man