jurassic-5.jpgWell, Jurassic 5 has officially fucked off. Beware, the following explanatory post on the band’s Myspace: I would like to thank all those who left comments much respect especially to the one who left the comment on what happened to the group, well here you go. We met with Jimmy Iovine played him what we did got a few nods on certain songs one in particular “Work It Out” which he really liked he said and I quote ”I Really Like This Song But I Don’t See It As A First Single” which opened the door for us to work with some producers that he thought could give us that first single in which we interjected that we would like to work with Kanye West, Just Blaze, Pharrell and Scott Storch.

Kanye had a deal with Sony and couldn’t do it. We reached out to the rest, but they were busy. Scott Storch answered the call being he already had a production deal with Jimmy as well as he was a fan of the group and wanted to work. We did 4 songs, only kept one and that still wasn’t the first single (what the fuck) the first single turned out to be “Work It Out” the song Jimmy said ”He Don’t See It As A First Single

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