The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

The Neptunes #1 fan site, all about Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo

Pharrell For GQ

pharrell-for-gq.jpgPharrell has always had this ability to look cool. No matter what he’s wearing, whether it was something out of his Billionaire Boys’ Club line or a designer brand, or a plain white tee, he has this look of confidence. You could argue that he gets it from being a hiphop and fashion icon, but I don’t think the amount of swagger that Pharrell exudes can be taken solely from outside perceptions of him. He definitely was displaying very high levels of coolness early on even before he became super-famous.

pharrell-for-gq-ii.jpgThere’s no amount of media-training that can teach you that kind of confidence (i.e. Clay Aiken). For me, it’s his nonchalance in everything he does. Its his way of making it look easy or making it look like he’s not even thinking about it, even though every part of his outfit on any given day looks painstakingly picked out. That’s why I appreciate this photoshoot. He brings this nonchalance even to these golf-inspired outfits.

pharrell-for-gq-iii.jpgAnd its also a breath of fresh air. I wish he dressed more in “gentlemanly” pieces instead of the ubiquitous street clothes that he revolutionized and popularized. I can imagine barely justifying a cardigan or a quality collar shirt costing hundreds of dollars. pharrell-for-gq-iv.jpgBut it is hard to swallow that people drop $300 for a graphic sweater or even $100 for a graphic T-shirt. Pharrell is a student of fashion and a pioneer. His Billionaire Boys Club line should be showing the young ones what $300 is really worth.

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