rosco-p-coldchain.jpgIT’S BEEN A MINUTE And Im sorry. Geez! Some of y’all have left some scary stalking shit on the my myspace email. And I love it! You crazy sons of bitches. Look y’all, I’ve been out here getting this paper. Music isn’t paying the bills. Feel me? On the real; Im just like most of y’all. Just a hell of a lot more talented and better looking. Labels got me on asshole hold for some reason. Something about Im too dope and the people won’t get it. You’re going to go over their heads. Hip hop fans are retards like that Corky kid from ABC back in the day, and blah blah blah fucking blah. I’m paraphrasing here. So, Interscope don’t want me; Star Trak don’t know what to do with me. Fuckahdee fuck fuck fuck. What’s a nigga to do? I know, give you guys more free music! Yeah that sounds good. I already paid for the shit. Fuck it. Im in so much debt already (Im so American), whats another $15k spent on friends, right? Get it before my manager hacks my page and empties the music player.. He’s going to have a fucking aneurysm because of me one day. Sorry Kass. 1st track is a New track. Check it. Download it and pass it around. COLDCHAIN-

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