pharrell-ab-liva-pusha.jpgPusha T of the Clipse and Ab-Liva of the Re-Up Gang recently spoke with Yo! Raps to discuss their critically-acclaimed “We Got It 4 Cheap” mixtape series and the official “Clipse Presents: Re-Up Gang” album dropping on August 5th. “I’m excited about the music,” says Pusha. “I’m excited about what it is that the Clipse and Re-Up Gang do. I think I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. I’ve sold a platinum record and I’ve sold a record that went wood. I know what it means to be hated and I know what it means to be critically acclaimed.

For now, I feel I sorta got a sense of direction to where I think the Re-Up Gang, the Clipse and [our] movement is going.”In the interview, Pusha and Liva touch on several issues impacting the current Hip-Hop scene, including the perceived lack of creativity by today’s artists. “Right now, the climate in music is so much about first week sales and charts that the creativity aspect of it has lessened,” offers Liva.

1300144184_8c11106916.jpg“The average fan out there just wants to hear a hot beat and a catchy hook and something they can say slick to their friends here and there. They’re overlooking the creative aspect.”The pair go on to give their thoughts on Lil’ Wayne, The Neptunes, and the double-standard black media imposes on urban artists who choose creativity over marketability. “If I sell ten million records,” warns Pusha T. “The world better beware because I’m gonna talk any and everything I wanna talk.”

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