Next week, AllHipHop’s Alternatives section is going to perpetuate a White on White crime! (If you have Black on Black crime, why not?) Anyway, Jon B. is livid, as a pioneers White singer in a Black music genre. Well, here is a smidgent of what he said. Well I do see some similarities in both of your careers. You worked with Tupac and he’s worked with Lil’ Wayne. Jon B.: Yeah and he’s worked with 50 Cent too. He did a video with 50 Cent. To me it was redundant for him to say, I just don’t want somebody to jump on my album at the last minute and look good next to me singing. That’s so corny to me, bro. That’s not the right. He couldn’t have meant that. That’s like the stardom talking. Honestly, what the hell? Thanks To Cynic

50 Cent – Follow My Lead feat. Robin Thicke

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