Due to the huge amount of orders that we got for the online exclusive tee, and all right before the holiday weekend, orders will not ship until Monday Dec 1st every order shipped will receive confirmation and we managed to bag a few out before we shut the doors for the holiday but be apologize for any inconvenience as i know that some of you wanted to use your new tee to wipe the cranberry sauce from your baby cousin’s chin. The Thornton Brothers have busy this dudes this winter. Between launching a clothing line, releaseing a new mixtape and putting this finishing touches on a future classic album. They’ve carved a little more time out of their busy scheduled to hang with us next week at Commonwealth DC in celebration of the release of “Road To Til’ The Casket Drops” the Play Cloths Mixtape. If you can make it to DC, you invited to come down and drinkm stare awkwardly at Pusha and Malice and attempt to slide them demo cds that no one will ever listen to.


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