Fall Out Boy ‘Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer’ (Preview)

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)

W.A.M.S. Featuring Pharrell & produced by The Neptunes. Fun chanty – “Hurry, hurry, what the hell is such a flurry. What the hell makes us so special. I’m going to leave you, I’m going to teach you.” Really shit fade and then goes into a weird old school black american acapella thing. Thanks to lakeeffectkid who figured out what W.A.M.S. stands for by asking Andy via @fuckcity. It stands for “Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer” which was revealed in an interview with Pete and the rest of the band.

Fall Out Boy – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer) (Snippet)

Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux (2008) (December 9th)
01 – Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes
02 – I Don’t Care
03 – She’s My Winona
04 – Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet
05 – What A Catch, Donnie
06 – America’s Suitehearts
07 – Tiffany Blews feat. Lil’ Wayne
08 – (Coffee For Closers)
09 – 27
10 – W.A.M.S. (Waiter.Actor.Model.Singer)
11 – The (Shipped) Gold Standard
12 – 20 Dollar Nose Bleed feat. Brendon Urie
13 – West Coast Smoker feat. Debbie Harry


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