Chester French MTV Article, Sneak Peak Of “She Loves Everybody” Video

: Two Ivy League-educated smart-asses with a penchant for spacey, horned-up electro pop, Maxwell Drummey and D.A. Wallach met at Harvard University, named their band after a sculptor and caught the ear of Kanye West, who offered the duo a deal. They passed on that offer in favor of an even more lucrative deal from The Neptunes’ Star Trak Entertainment. Judging from their debut EP, She Loves Everybody, their full-length, Love The Future (due later this year), is sure to burst with swanky hooks and smarmy jokes. Oh, and Drummey is rather inexplicably married to British socialite Peaches Geldof.

The Secret Source of 50 Cent’s Abs?: Though they’ve already drawn comparisons to another head-in-the-clouds electro duo — MGMTChester French fail to see any similarities. For one, they’re way more into fighting … and physiques. “We’re a band that really encourages consensual violence — never against women — but we like representing for a whole bunch of people,” Wallach said. “We’ve all been abused by a woman in one way or another, but we come in and we take it, because we’re these strong, assertive men who care about our physiques. This music stuff is really a side project for us. It’s a way to earn money so that we can keep our gym memberships going. … We’re trainers too. We trained 50. Everyone knows that.”

A Big, Messy Year Indeed: When they spurned Kanye for a deal with Pharrell Williams and Star Trak, CF garnered plenty of “who the f— are these dudes?!?” headlines. Looking to silence the critics, they’ve been holed up in the studio, hard at work on their full-length debut. And with an album on the horizon, what else are the dynamic duo looking forward to in ’09? “2009 is going to see the birth of my second child, which I’m really excited for,” Drummey joked. “We’re going to put an album out too.”


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