Chester French’s Favorite Albums Of 2008

5. The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale
This is basically an album length EP. It’s one of the most stylistically coherent hip-hop records in a while.

4. N¤E¤R¤D – Seeing Sounds
Our bosses’ third album. This record maintains an incredibly high energy level throughout. These songs really translate live, as well.

3. Ratatat – LP3
Apparently, this was their first time using a real studio. It’s got great sounding drums, guitars, and harpsichord.

2. Janelle Monae – Metropolis Suite I Of IV The Chase
Janelle is a friend of ours, and we think one of the best new artists coming up.

1. Portishead – Third
We’ve never really been huge trip-hop fans, and this album definitely isn’t trip-hop. Incredibly creative from start to finish.


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