Lil’ Wayne – Yes feat. Pharrell

Remember the interview that MTV did with Lil’ Wayne where he was talking about putting out Tha Carter 3 again, but making the project an entirely different LP. Wayne had Pharrell on the bus discussing future work back then where Pharrell said their talk was “very interesting.” So this might be a tune off “Tha Carter 3: Rebirth(2009) or just a mixtape tune. I don’t think that The Neptunes produced this just cuz of that “Yes” sample as we all know, The Neptunes don’t sample “me looks at Inhale & Let’s Get Blown“, but I can be wrong. But checking the tune out again, it has a 4 bars intro and that’s a very typical Neptunes thing that they do. Well I’ll say ain’t Neptunes. What do y’all think.

Check Out This 1 Min. Snippet

*’ wayne to work with the neptunes

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