latest effort, Paper Trail — arguably his best album to date — has reserved a page for the King of the South in the hip-hop history books. And, despite being recently sentenced to a year and a day of jail time, fans and critics have no doubts that Tip will be back on top of the game soon — he already has a couple of albums’ worth of material in the can. We here at Mixtape Monday have been up on T.I.’s skills since I’m Serious, and we even had one of his P.S.C mixtapes as our main picks years ago.

“What’s Your Name feat. Pharrell”
“I think that was Pharrell [who] came up with that. I just told them that that record was meant for me. And he was like, ‘Let’s see what you’ve got. Let’s do it.’ And then we both loved it. Pharrell has always been one of the people I can go in the studio with and come up with something that I would have never gotten from anyone else. There’s a few people along my career that I had the pleasure of working with, that give me something I couldn’t have gotten nowhere else and Pharrell is one of them.” – T.I.



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